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Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books
Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books
Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books
Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books
Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books

Usborne Phonics Readers 20 Books - Ages 0-5 - Paperback

Usborne Publishing
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Product Code: B2D0020

ISBN: 9781474920483

Titles in This Set :

1. Ted in a Red Bed 
2. Ted's Shed 
3. Toad Makes a Road 
4. Mouse Moves Houses
5. Hen's Pen 
6. Fox On a Box
7. Fat cat On a Mat 
8. Big Pig On a Dig
9. Frog On a Log
10. Goose On The Loose
11. Underpants for Ants
12. Croc Gets a Shock
13. Bee Makes Tea 
14. Bug in a Rug 
15. Cow Takes a Bow 
16. Snail Brings The Mail 
17. Crow In the Snow
18. Goat in a Boat
19. Llama's in Pyjamas
20. Raccoon On The Moon

    Description :

    Ted in a Red Bed
    Ted is on the lookout for a new bed. Luckily, Penguin’s bed store has just what he needs. In fact, the bed is so comfy, Ted soon dozes off into a dreamy sleep. The only problem is, he’s still in the shop!

    Ted's Shed
    Ted is busy in his shed, but can you guess what he’s making? 

    Toad Makes a Road
    Toad has moved in to a new house on a hill. But how will her friends visit her when there’s no road? She’ll just have to build one herself!

    Mouse Moves Houses
    Mouse is helping her dad to pack for their big move to a smart new home. But is the fat cat waiting outside going to cause them problems?

    Hen's Pen
    Hen just loves to draw. But when she runs out of paper, where will she start scribbling next?

    Fox On a Box
    Hungry Fox has found a cardboard box - just what he needs to reach a series of tasty treats. But every time his cunning plan goes wrong. Perhaps the answer to his problem is nearer than he realizes?

    Fat cat On a Mat
    Fat cat is snuggled up on his mat and just won't budge.

    Big Pig On a Dig
    When Big Pig discovers a treasure map, she sets off to find a fortune. But will someone else get there first? Find out in this delightful rhyming tale.

    Frog On a Log
    Frog lives in a bog. One day, he finds someone lost in the fog...

    Goose On The Loose
    Goose is causing chaos on her high-speed scooter. Can anything stop her in her tracks?

    Underpants for Ants
    he ants are feeling a bit chilly – can Mouse help with her knitting skills?

    Croc Gets a Shock
    Croc is late for everything, even her own birthday party! She sleeps through her alarm, misses the bus, and what's worse, she has the hiccups. A surprise birthday present may be just what she needs...

    Bee Makes Tea
    A simple but entertaining rhyming story with delightful illustrations, perfect for sharing with young children, or for children who are starting to read alone.

    Bug in a Rug
    A funny picture book featuring a madcap story about a bug who just wants to get snug in his rug.

    Cow Takes a Bow
    When Brown Cow visits the circus, she puts on a surprise performance. She slips, trips, drops things and loses her hat - but the ringmaster is thrilled!

    Snail Brings The Mail
    Hooray for snail! He brings the mail... but he’s ever so slow! A hilarious story fun to share aloud together, or for children to tackle on their own. Reliable snail never fails to deliver the mail, but can he make it on time?

    Crow In the Snow
    A cheerful story sure to entertain young children with its irresistible illustrations. Uses phonic repetition and simple rhyming text, specially designed to help develop essential language and early reading skills. Also includes guidance notes for parents at the back of the book.

    Goat in a Boat
    Goat rows his boat around the moat. He sits and gazes at his float. It sinks. He blinks. “A fish!” he thinks.

    Llama's in Pyjamas
    Sam, Ali and Charlie all yell with delight, there’s a creepy sleepover at Frankie’s tonight! They pick out pyjamas with stripes, spots and dots, with their packs on their backs off to Frankie’s they trot.

    Raccoon On The Moon
    Goodbye!” cries Raccoon, “I’m off to the moon. I’ll be back by lunchtime, or late afternoon.” Goose grins and she giggles. “You foolish Raccoon!



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