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Anthony Horowitz Legends Collection 6 Books Set

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Product Code: B2D0517

ISBN: 9781780489926

Title In This Collection:-

  • LEGENDS! Death and the Underworld
  • LEGENDS! Heroes and Villains
  • LEGENDS! Beasts and Monsters
  • LEGENDS! The Wrath of the Gods
  • LEGENDS! Tricks and Transformations
  • LEGENDS! Battles and Quests

LEGENDS! Death and the Underworld

When life is over and the conflicted souls of the dead wend their waery way down to the underworld, what do they see? A three headed dog with slavering jaws a dark and foreboding river with skeletal ferryman or simply darkness.

LEGENDS! Heroes and Villains

The battle between good and evil has raged throughout time.

LEGENDS! Beasts and Monsters

In the cold dead eyes of the banshee and the hissing spitting fangs of the gorgon in the fiery breath of the dragon and the razor sharp claws of the spinx there is a thirst for blood and a murderous hunger.

LEGENDS! The Wrath of the Gods

Don't mess with the gods. And if they mess with you? Run like hell . . .

LEGENDS! Tricks and Transformations

You might consider yourself a master of pranks and practical jokes. But throughout time there are those who truy deserve the name trickster.

LEGENDS! Battles and Quests

Brother fighting brother. Man slaying beast. Tales of epic quests and furious battles have been told throughout time.



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