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Child 44 Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set Tom Rob Smith

Simon & Schuster
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ISBN: Banded

Child 44 Trilogy Collection 3 Books Set Tom Rob Smith

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Nominated for 17 International Awards

Winner of 7, Including the Galaxy Book Award for Best New Writer


Titles in this Set

  • Child 44
  • The Secret Speech
  • Agent 6

Child 44

Moscow, 1953.
Under Stalin's terrifying regime families live in fear. When the all-powerful State claims there is no such thing as crime, who dares disagree?
An ambitious secret police officer, Leo Demidov has spent his career arresting anyone who steps out of line. Suddenly his world is turned upside down when he uncovers evidence of a killer at large. Now, with only his wife at his side, Leo must risk both their lives to save the lives of others.

The Secret Speech

Moscow, 1656.
A society trying to recover from a time when the police were corrupt and the innocent arrested as criminals.
Detective Leo Demidov, former Secret Police Officer, is forced to ask whether the wrongs of the past can ever be forgiven. Trying to solve a series of brutal murders that grip the capital, he must decide if this is savagery of justice.
Quickly it becomes apparent that Leo himself - and his family - are in danger from someone intent on revenge. Desperate to save those he loves, he is offered salvation from an unexpected source - and at a terrible price.

Agent 6

Moscow, 1965.
When Leo Demidov's worst fears are realised and a tragic murder destroys everything he loves, he demands only one thing: that he is allowed to find the killer who has struck at the heart of his family.
Crippled by grief, his request denied, Leo sees no other option than to take matters into his own hands, even though he is thousands of miles from the crime scene.



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