Enid Blyton Malory Towers 4 Book 12 Story Collection
Enid Blyton Malory Towers 4 Book 12 Story Collection
Enid Blyton Malory Towers 4 Book 12 Story Collection

Enid Blyton Malory Towers 4 Book 12 Story Collection

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Product Code: B2D1959

ISBN: 9789124368647

Titles in This Collection

  • First Term
  • Second Form
  • Third Year
  • Upper Fourth
  • In the Fifth
  • Last Term
  • New Term
  • Summer Term
  • Winter Term
  • Fun and Games
  • Secrets
  • Goodbye

Book 1

First Term

Darrell's off to her new school. But what has she packed? 1. Tennis racket? 2. Pocket-money? 3. A lid for her temper? Oh dear! Malory Towers has a whole trunkload of trouble to come!

Second Form

This year, Belinda has a talent for drawing, Alicia has a talent for tricks and someone has a talent for stealing purses...

Third Year

And they're off! Saddle up for a wild term with Darrell and her friends. There's so much going on! Will they make it past the finish line?

Book 2

Upper Fourth

For 'starters', there's twin trouble with Connie and Ruth. The 'main' pain is Gwen. To 'finish', there's a picnic and a midnight feast in a thunderstorm.

In the Fifth

The fifth year presents: Cinderella - written by Darrell, Alicia as the Demon King, Gwen (or will it be Maureen?) as Cinderella. There'll be drama before the curtain even goes up!

Last Term

Darrell dives into her last term. As head girl she must lead the others. Ice-cold Amanda is determined to defy her. Will she sink or swim at Malory Towers?

Book 3

New Term

Dear Darrell,  What a term! The dreadful Bonnie is following me everywhere, and Amy has a strange family secret. But June and Freddie are always playing tricks on the teachers to keep us laughing. Wish you were here! Love Felicity x

Summer Term

The local stables is having a run of bad luck. Money has been stolen and now a horse! Can the third form solve the mystery? If they want to, they'll have to stop their horseplay!

Winter Term

The fourth form cordially invite you to: Meet a new teacher Discover who is spying on them Watch the Christmas concert and have a midnight feast!

Book 4

Fun and Games

There's no harmony among the fifth form! Music-mad Millicent organises school orchestra rehearsals for the same time as June's tennis matches. But then belongings start disappearing. Will the thief face the music and confess?


If you come to the garden shed at 12p.m., everything will be revealed: Daffy's latest naughty prank. What Mam'zelle found in her handbag. Alice's amazing secret.


Rules of Etiquette: Never get caught out - Miss Grayling has a surprise in store for the sixth form Never hold a grudge - something to learn when an old girl returns as a teacher... Always stay out of mischief - this could be the hardest one of all!



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