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Horrid Henry 3in1 6 Book Collection

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Product Code: B2D1690

ISBN: 9781407219783

Titles in Set:

  • Horrid Henry's Favourite Jokes
  • A Triple Threat of Horrid Henry
  • A Handful of Horrid Henry
  • A Helping of Horrid Henry
  • A Giant Slice of Horrid Henry
  • A Hat Trick of Horrid Henry

This fantastic set from Francesca Simon contains 6 books each containing 3 titles, yes that means 18 titles all together. Whether you want to read all of Henry's favourite jokes or dive into Henry's mischeivious world, this set has something for you. This set is perfect for children aged 5-7 who are fans of Horrid Henry and the naughty things he gets up to.



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