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Milly Molly (Level Four) 10 Books Collection

Sweet Cherry Publishing
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Product Code: B2D0453

ISBN: 9781782261650

Suitable for Key Stage 1 readers, the Milly, Molly series will challenge and encourage children - enhancing their reading skills at home and at school. Broken down in to 6 levels, from ages 5 to 7, parents and teachers will find it easy to build up children's confidence and teach them to think about what they are reading. Milly and Molly will engage children and implicitly inform them about good values and the acceptance of diversity. With each book they will learn about a new theme, every story told in a fun an interesting style; a brilliant set of books, filled with colourful illustrations.

Level Four:

Milly, Molly and Billy Boy and Daffodil

Everyone needs a friend. Theme: Friendship

Milly, Molly and Grandpa Friday

Milly and Molly try to cheer up Grandpa Friday but something is missing. Theme: Compassion

Milly, Molly and Little Dot

A kindness is never forgotten. Theme: Kindness

Milly, Molly and Aunt Maude

Milly and Molly had no idea that helping Aunt Maude would be such a challenge. Theme: Tenacity

Milly and Molly’s Morsels

What could possibly be in Milly and Molly's morsels to make Stringer the star of the team? Theme: good nutrition

Milly, Molly and Salt and Pepper

A trusty steed is a friend indeed. Theme: Trustworthiness

Milly, Molly and the Runaway Bean

What a difference a bean makes. Theme: Good nutrition

Milly, Molly and the Wind

Tom and Jack are no match for the wind and Milly and Molly can do little to help them. Theme: Respect for nature

Milly, Molly and the Three-Legged Race

Milly and Molly show the true strength of unity. Theme: Unity

Milly, Molly and What Was That?

When Milly and Molly offer to spend a night in the barn with Bunty, they have no idea what is in store for them! Theme: Care and consideration



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