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Minecraft The Survival Collection 4 Books Box Set - Bangzo Books Wholesale

Minecraft The Survival Collection 4 Books Box Set

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Product Code: B2D1481

ISBN: 9781405292016

Reading Age - 9+ 

Minecraft Survival Series 4 Books Children Collection Paperback Box Set

Tittle In This Set
Guide to: Exploration
Guide to: The Nether & The End
Guide to: Enchantments & Potions
Guide to: Farming
Guide to: Exploration
The mysterious world of Minecraft is just waiting to be explored. But danger lurks around every corner and survival can prove difficult for even the bravest adventurer. 
Guide to: The Nether & The End
Now that you've mastered the Overworld, the time has come to brave the perilous Nether and End dimensions. But survival will be even more difficult here and you'll need to up your game if you want to make it back to the Overworld in one piece. 
Guide to: Enchantments & Potions
The official Minecraft Guide to Enchantments and Potions will teach you how to improve your chances of survival. You'll learn how to enchant your tools, weapons and armour with the right effect for every dangerous situation, and discover how to brew all manner of potions to improve your performance and to weaken your opponents.
Guide to: Farming
The official Minecraft: Guide to Farming will teach you about everything form basic crop farming and animal breeding to hostile mob and block farming. In Survival mode you're constantly in need of food and other useful items, and true survivors know the importance of setting up their own farming systems.


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