My First Reading Series 30 Banana Book Collection

My First Reading Series 30 Banana Book Collection

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Product Code: B2D0974
ISBN: 9780603573668


Titles in Set 
Green Banana:
  • Shout Show and Tell, 
  • Flora The Fairy, 
  • Flora The Fairys Magic Spells, 
  • Circus Fun, 
  • My Secret Alien, 
  • Jungle School, 
  • One Windy Day, 
  • Flat Stanley The Haunted House, 
  • Under The Sea
  • Dinosaur Disasters
Blue Banana:
    •     Sinclair Wonder Bear,
    •     Dilly and The Birthday Treat,
    •     Follow The Swallow,
    •     Big Red Balloon,
    •     Frogs Do Not Like Dragons,
    •     Flat Stanley Plays Ball,
    •     Alfie's Great Escape,
    •     Mairis Mermaid,
    •     Norman and The Naughty Knight,
    •     Monster Eyeballs 


    Red Banana:
    • Polly and The Pirates,
    • The Wrong Kind of Bark,
    • Spooky Soccer,
    • Football Ghosts,
    • Friday Surprise,
    • Dragon Magic,
    • The Terrible Time Without Tilly,
    • Collys Barn,
    • Monty Wins The Cup,
    • My Brother Bernadette


    Green Banana

    • Very simple stories for the Youngest Readers
    • Three short stories that deals with the same characters, or are thematically linked
    • Speech bubbles for shared reading
    • 400-500 Words

    Blue Banana

    • More challenging stories for Developing Readers
    • A single stories
    • Help to build reading stamina and confidence
    • 1000+ words

    Red Banana

    • Chapter books for more confident readers
    • Introduction more complex characters and themes
    • Short chapters featuring longer unit of text
    • 2000+ Words


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