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Pokemon Super Collection Series By Tracey West Books 1-15 Box Set - Ages 9-14 - Paperback
Pokemon Super Collection Series By Tracey West Books 1-15 Box Set - Ages 9-14 - Paperback
Pokemon Super Collection Series By Tracey West Books 1-15 Box Set - Ages 9-14 - Paperback
Pokemon Super Collection Series By Tracey West Books 1-15 Box Set - Ages 9-14 - Paperback

Pokemon Super Collection Series By Tracey West Books 1-15 Box Set - Ages 9-14 - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D3713

ISBN: 9781408367117

Titles In This Set :

1. Ash's Big Challenge
2. Pokémon Peril
3. The Orange League
4. Scyther vs Charizard
5. Race to Danger
6. Show Time!
7. Power Up Psyduck
8. The Winner's Cup
9. The Pokémon School
10. Alolan Challenge
11. Adventure on Treasure Island
12. Old Friends, New Battles
13. Pokemon Unknown
14. The Chikorita Challenge
15. Colouring Fun

Description :

Ash's Big Challenge
Pokémon master-in-training Ash Ketchum is delighted when Professor Oak sends him on a very important mission - to capture a unique and mysterious Poké Ball. Ash, Brock and Misty begin their journey to the famed Orange Islands and meet a host of new friends - and old enemies...

Pokémon Peril
Ash and Misty have found the GS Poké Ball and finally reached the Orange Islands. But they quickly discover that things are very different here - Pokémon are turning pink, and there is an Onix made of crystal. Can Ash, Misty and their new friend Tracey work out what is going on, before Team Rocket sabotage their journey?

The Orange League
Since arriving on the Orange Islands, Ash has won every single one of his battles! But is he up to the Four-Star Challenge? Ash must tackle totally new ground - and learn some valuable lessons about himself - before he can win all four star gems, and earn himself a place on the legendary Orange League.

Scyther vs Charizard
Scyther and Charizard are two of the most powerful Pokémon Ash has ever encountered. But this makes them hot-headed and very difficult to control. When the two Pokémon face each other in battle, it's chaos! Can Ash discover the secret to connecting to wayward Charizard, and pull off the most epic battle so far?

Race to Danger
Pokémon master-in-training Ash Ketchum is facing a brand-new challenge - a hot air balloon battle! Ash and his friends must race the other Pokémon trainers to catch a rare Dratini, before Team Rocket shoots them down! Can Ash get everyone back down safely - and still get his hands on first prize?

Show Time!
A juggling Exeggutor, a singing Charmander and a dancing Farfetch'd can only mean one thing - it's time for the Pokémon Talent Show! Pokémon master-in-training Ash is determined to win. But when his enemies Team Rocket lure away his Pikachu, it's up to him to save all the Pokémon - and steal the show!

Power Up Psyduck
Psyduck's powers can blow Team Rocket out of the water, but it isn't the easiest Pokémon to look after... Join the Pokémon-masters-in-training as they learn all about Psyduck's unique history, from when he first met Misty to his latest challenge - a battle like no other.

The Winner's Cup
It's time! With all four star gems under his belt, Pokémon master-in-training Ash Ketchum is now ready for the biggest battle of his life - the Winner's Cup. Can Ash and Pikachu overcome the mighty Dragonite to win the ultimate Pokémon challenge?

The Pokémon School
It's time for Ash to take the next step on his quest to become a Pokémon Master. He's off to Pokémon School! His first goal? To catch an Alolan Pokémon. With new friends to make and new skills to learn, Ash is about to embark on his biggest adventure yet.

Alolan Challenge
It's Island Challenge time on Alola! Ash is determined to pass the test and earn his Z-Crystal. But this is no ordinary Pokemon battle. Can Ash prove his worth against the mighty Kahuna Hala to win the ultimate prize? The challenge is on!

Adventure on Treasure Island
Ash and Pikachu are visiting one of the tropical islands in Alola. There they discover all sorts of new and interesting Pokémon but they can be a bit difficult! Can Ash and Pikachu rescue a mysterious Water-type Pokémon and persuade a mischievous new Pokémon to join their team?

Old Friends, New Battles
Ash and his friends from the Poke,on School are visiting his home region of Kanto. They're ready for lots of adventures! When they visit the Cerulean City Gym, Ash and Pikachu take on his old friend Misty and her Gyarados - who will win the mighty battle?

Pokemon Unknown
Ash and Pikachu are on their way to school when Tapu Koko, the Guardian of Melemele Island, makes an appearance. Tapu Koko puts Ash and his friends in charge of a mysterious new Pokémon just as strange things start to happen. Could this unknown Pokémon have anything to do with it?

The Chikorita Challenge
When Ash and Pikachu befriend a new Grass-type Pokemo,, they can't wait to welcome it to the team. But tricksters team Rocket are hatching a plan to lure the Chikotita away, stealing it for themsleves. Will Ash work out what's happened and save the pokemon in time? 

Colouring Fun
Get creative with tons of Pokemon characters, Landscapes and patterns for you to colour and make your own. Gotta colour 'em all!


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