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Sea Quest Series 5 and 6 Collection 8 Books Box Set - Bangzo Books Wholesale

Sea Quest Series 5 & 6 Collection 8 Books by Adam Blade - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D0007

ISBN: 9781408353066

Titles in the Set :

1. Sythid The Spider Crap
2. Brux The Tusked Terror
3. Venor The Sea Scorpion
4. Monoth The Spiker Destroyer
5. Fliktor The Deadly Conqueror
6. Tengal The Savage Shark
7. Kull The Cave Crawler
8. Gulak The Gulper EEL

Description :

Sythid The Spider Crap

A precious Merryn treasure map has been stolen, and it becomes clear that the dreaded pirate Red Eye is involved. But who is Red Eye, and what will happen if he finds all four treasures? Max and Lia must stop him!

Brux The Tusked Terror
Max and Lia are on the trail of a fiendish pirate, Red Eye, who plans to steal four ancient Merryn treasures, when they meet a monstrous walrus Robobeast. Can they defeat Brux and claim the treasure before Red Eye?

Venor The Sea Scorpion
Max and Lia’s battle to defeat the wicked pirate, Red Eye, continues. Deep beneath the waves, Red Eye’s crew of robotic monsters is joined by a new threat – a giant sea scorpion! Our heroes face a deadly battle…

Monoth The Spiker Destroyer
Evil never sleeps, and Max and Lia know that their greatest battle is still to come. Can they stop the dreaded pirate Red Eye in his tracks before he finds the last of the precious Merryn treasures and seizes power for ever?

Fliktor The Deadly Conqueror
The city of Aquora has been infested with a plague of tiny robots that are controlling people’s minds. Can Max and Lia find out who’s responsible and stop them, or will the people be doomed forever?

Tengal The Savage Shark
The wicked young inventor Siborg continues his battle for power over the oceans of Nemos. Now Max and Lia must fight his latest creation – a terrifying shark with robotic teeth!

Kull The Cave Crawler
Deep below the seas of Planet Nemos, a monstrous creature has come back to life with terrifying new robotic additions. Could the evil Siborg be responsible for this Robobeast? Max and Lia must stop him!

Gulak The Gulper EEL
Max and Lia face a mighty combined enemy, as Siborg’s latest Robobeast joins forces with his slave army! Can our heroes defeat this force of evil and rescue the people of Aquora?



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