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Secret Kingdom Series 1 - 6 Books Collection

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Product Code: B2D0585

ISBN: 9781407809960

Rosie Banks Secret Kingdom 6 Books Collection Pack Set (Series 1)

RRP: £29.94

Dimensions and Other Details (Approximates)

  • Binding:- Paperback
  • Width:-5.12 Inches
  • Height:- 2.42 Inches
  • Length:- 7.76 Inches
  • Number Of Pages:- 768

Titles In This Set

  • Enchanted Palace
  • Unicorn Valley
  • Cloud Island
  • Mermaid Reef
  • Magic Mountain
  • Glitter Beach

Enchanted Palace

The first book in the Secret Kingdom series introduces Ellie, Summer and Jasmine, who are the very best of friends. One day they find a magic box which whisks them away to a fantastical world! Can the friends help Trixi the pixie save King Merry''s 1000th birthday party from Queen Malice''s spiky thunderbolt...?

Unicorn Valley

in the second book of the series, Ellie, Summer and Jasmine are very excited to visit the Secret Kingdom again! Wicked Queen Malice has hidden a thunderbolt in Unicorn Valley. Can the girls help their unicorn friends save the magical land from hundreds of greedy caterpillars...?

Cloud Island

In the third book of this great series, Ellie, Summer and Jasmine land on fluffy clouds high in the sky of the Secret Kingdom and have lots of fun bouncing around! But soon they realise that Queen Malice''s mean magic is set to ruin Cloud Island for ever...

Mermaid Reef

In the fourth book of the exciting new Secret Kingdom series, Ellie, Summer and Jasmine are set for a magical adventure deep beneath the sea! Can they help their new underwater friends save the enchanted Wishing Pearl from mean Queen Malice and her naughty storm sprites?

Magic Mountain

In book five of the exciting Secret Kingdom series, it''s time for best friends Ellie, Summer and Jasmine to head to the frosty slopes of Magic Mountain! Can they find Queen Malice''s fifth enchanted thunderbolt and stop the snow brownies from turning into icicles...? Secret Kingdom is a brand new series full of the things girls love most: special friendships, secrets and magical adventures. Newly confident readers will be swept away by the magical stories of three children whose courage and resourcefulness save a fantastical land from disaster. Full of all the things little girls love best: special friendships, secrets and magical adventures, all set in an incredible kingdom!Eye-catching illustrations throughout.Become best friends with Ellie, Summer and Jasmine - plus Trixi the pixie!Help Ellie, Summer and Jasmine save the Secret Kingdom from wicked Queen Malice and her naughty storm sprites. A new exciting adventure in each and every book.

Glitter Beach

In the sixth book of the first Secret Kingdom series, every fairy in the kingdom is at Glitter Beach to watch the magic being renewed in the kingdom for another year. But Queen Malice is also nearby... Can Ellie, Summer and Jasmine save the glitter dust and keep the magic alive?



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