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Sir Chris Hoy Flying Fergus 8 Books Set
Sir Chris Hoy Flying Fergus 8 Books Set
Sir Chris Hoy Flying Fergus 8 Books Set

Flying Fergus 8 Book Collection Set By Sir Chris Hoy - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

Piccadilly Press
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Product Code: B2D2230

ISBN: 9781848128767

Title in this Collection
  • The Best Birthday Bike
  • The Great Cycle Challenge
  • The Big Biscuit Bike Off
  • The Championship Cheats
  • The Winning Team
  • The Cycle Search and Rescue
  • The Wreck-It Race
  • Trouble on the Track
1: The Best Birthday Bike
Fergus Hamilton is a boy with a big imagination. Living with his mum and grandad and his dog, Chimp, he dreams of a state-of-the-art Sullivan Swift and becoming the most brilliant boy cyclist in the world.
2: The Great Cycle Challenge
Fergus Hamilton lives and dreams bikes and is really excited about training for the Great Cycle Challenge with his friends. But he's also got a secret. If the pedals on his bike spin backwards, he's magically transported to to Nevermore, where cycling is banned and his dad is a prisoner.
3: The Big Biscuit Bike Off
The third in Sir Chris Hoy's fantastically fun, magical cycling adventure series.The Hercules' Hopefuls are through to the next round of the cycling tournament, but there's a big problem. Bruce's Biscuits are expanding their factory - and building over the park where the team train!
4: The Championship Cheats
The District Championships are coming up and the Hercules' Hopefuls are nervous. Their hard work and training are about to be put to the test.
5: The Winning Team
The Hercules' Hopefuls are going to the Nationals, and not even Wallace's Winners competing too can wipe the smiles off their faces. But then disaster strikes in training.
6: The Cycle Search and Rescue
After their amazing win at the National Championships, Fergus and the rest of the Hercules' Hopefuls are keen to get back to training as a team
7: The Wreck-It Race
Fergus is sure their new coach is going to be his ultimate hero, cycle champ 'Spokes' Sullivan, so when Grandpa introduces Charlotte Campbell, the children are all less than impressed.
8: Trouble on the Track
It's decision time for Fergus and the rest of the squad. Training together has been going well but the International Championships are nearly here, and it's time to name the four riders who will be in the starting line-up.

Flying Fergus is the fantastic 8 book collection created by Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy. Fergus Hamilton is a boy with a big imagination. He dreams of becoming the most brilliant cyclist the world has ever seen, and when he gets a bike for his birthday, his cycling adventures begin. This collection is perfect for kids aged 7+.




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