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Happy Families Collection 10 Books Set - Allan Ahlberg - Ages 5-7 - Paperback - Bangzo Books Wholesale
Happy Families Collection 10 Books Set - Allan Ahlberg - Ages 5-7 - Paperback - Bangzo Books Wholesale

Happy Families Collection 10 Books Set - Allan Ahlberg - Ages 5-7 - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D0342

ISBN: 9780241534076

Author : Allan Ahlberg
Publisher : Penguin
Format : Paperback
Reading Age : 5-7

Titles in the Set :

1. Mr Biff the Boxer
2. Master Track's Train
3. Miss Dirt the Dustman's Daughter
4. Mr Creep the Cook
5. Mrs Vole the Vet
6. Mrs Wobble the Waitress
7. Miss Jump the Jockey
8. Master Money the Millionaire
9. Mrs Lather's Laundry
10. Mr Tick the Teacher

Description :

Mr Biff the Boxer
Mr Biff and Mr Bop are boxers and deadly rivals too. Mr Bop is fit and lean and Mr Biff . . . Well, Mr Biff likes a cream cake or two. Will he ever be able to toughen up in time for the annual charity match. Gulp!

Master Track's Train
Mr Track is the train driver, and Mrs Track is the driver's wife. Toby Track is their little boy and he is exceptionally good at jumping onto stolen trains and rescuing them from crooks!

Miss Dirt the Dustman's Daughter
Daisy Dirt's dad is a dustman on the dole, but her mum has remarried a Duke and is a filthy rich Duchess. Poor Daisy doesn't know whether she's coming or going, whether she's rich or poor - until everything changes . . .

Mr Creep the Cook
Mr Creep the Crook is a bad man, and all his family are bad too - even Growler, his dog. But when he escapes from jail and heads to the seaside, he finds out that being bad is not such a good idea after all. . .

Mrs Vole the Vet
Mrs Vole the vet has one son, two daughters, three cats, four dogs and no husband.
Really, she has everything she needs and she works very hard - no job is too big, too small or too high - but her children think that what she really needs is a boyfriend!

Mrs Wobble the Waitress
Mrs Wobble LOVES her job as a waitress but, oh dear, there's one big problem - she wobbles!! And when she wibbles and wobbles and drops jelly everywhere, it's time for a new job! Luckily, Mr Wobble, and all the Wobble children have a cunning plan ...

Miss Jump the Jockey
Miss Josie Jump the jockey can't wait to gallop in a race like her mum, her brother and even her grandma, but everyone says she's too young. But then grandma's horse gets a sore throat and Jimmy Jump gets a splinter in his bottom so she might get her chance at last...

Master Money the Millionaire
Master Money is a very rich little boy indeed. When he's only four years old, he finds buried treasure in his garden. When he's five, he finds buried treasure in the sandpit at school. And, at six, he finds buried treasure on the beach. But then Mister Creep the Crook finds him ...

Mrs Lather's Laundry
Mrs Lather is getting quite worked up in her laundry. She hates washing socks, she hates washing vests, she really doesn't much like washing trousers or dresses either. But her job gets rather more difficult when her customers start bringing in more unusual washing loads ...

Mr Tick the Teacher
Mr Tick loves teaching his six children at their little school. But then they hear news that all small schools must close, so Mr Tick starts teaching some rather unusual lessons - in how to trick stern school inspectors.


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