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Brambly Hedge Library Collection 8 Books Set
Brambly Hedge Library Collection 8 Books Set
Brambly Hedge Library Collection 8 Books Set
Brambly Hedge Library Collection 8 Books Set

The Brambly Hedge Library Collection By Jill Barklem 8 Books Set - Ages 3-6 - Hardback

Harper Collins
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Product Code: B2D1648

ISBN: 9780007610167

Titles in This Set :

1. The High Hills
2. Poppy's Babies
3. The Secret Staircase
4. Spring Story
5. Sea Story
6. Winter Story
7. Autumn Story
8. Summer Story

Description :

The High Hills
It is the very end of autumn and Flax and Lily are busy making blankets for the voles in the High Hills. Mr Apple has to deliver the blankets to them before the cold weather sets in and Wilfred Toadflax is eager to go along. He is convinced there is gold to be found in the hills beyond Brambly Hedge and this is his chance to discover it. Everything goes to plan until Wilfred scrambles up a rock face and can't get down. The mist begins to rise and soon Mr Apple and Wilfred are engulfed in a thick white fog, unable to find their way home...

Poppy's Babies
It was early summer in Brambly Hedge. Outside everything seemed quiet and peaceful, but inside the mill there was chaos. Poppy's new babies were crying, Dusty's mill was clattering and clouds of flour dust filled the air. This was no place to bring up a family. But what was to be done? The mice of Brambly Hedge came up with a plan in no time at all, and even Wilfred managed to keep it a secret from Poppy, so that she had the most wonderful surprise on the babies' Naming Day.

The Secret Staircase
It's Midwinter Eve and everyone in Brambly Hedge is busily preparing for the traditional midwinter celebrations. Primrose Woodmouse and Wilfred Toadflax are to recite a poem, so they go up to the attics to rehearse in peace and quiet. But when Primrose finds a small key in an old wooden dresser, all thoughts of rehearsing are put aside! The mice of Brambly Hedge have many adventures but they always have time for fun too. All through the year, they mark the seasons with feasts and festivities and, whether it be a little mouse's birthday, an eagerly awaited wedding or the first day of spring, the mice never miss and opportunity to meet and celebrate.

Spring Story
Wilfred woke early. It was his birthday. He had lots of lovely presents, but the best one was a surprise... Mr Apple had organised a secret celebration picnic and all the mice of Brambly Hedge were invited. There was so much to carry. Poor Wilfred got very tired as he lurched and bumped his way along the grassy track. What was it Mrs Apple had said was in his hamper? Knives? Sandwiches? They were certainly heavy! When they finally arrived, Wilfred was allowed to open up the hamper and there he found the best treat of all...

Sea Story
It was summer and Primrose woke knowing that it was going to be a very special day. The sun was already warm and a light breeze stirred the leaves and branches of Brambly Hedge. It was a perfect day for an adventure.

Leaving the hedge behind, Dusty, Poppy, Primrose and Wilfred set off downstream in Dusty's boat the Periwinkle, on a journey that would take them all the way down to the sea. But it wasn't all plain sailing, and the mice had an important mission to fulfil before they could return to Brambly Hedge...

Winter Story
It was the middle of winter and very, very cold. The mice of Brambly Hedge forecasted snow.

And they were right. In the morning they awoke to find their doors and windows hidden behind deep drifts. There hadn't been snow like this for years. "There's enough for a Snow Ball!" cried the mice with glee, and set to work in the time-honoured way to make an Ice Hall for the festivities. The little mice watched wide-eyed as all the preparations were made. Then at last everything was ready, and the Ball could begin...

Autumn Story
Bad weather is on the way and the autumn stores are still not gathered in!

Quickly, all the mice of Brambly Hedge set to work to finish the harvesting before the rain begins. Primrose, Lord Woodmouse's daughter, meant to help, but somehow she daydreamed her way over the cornfield and into the Chestnut Woods, and before she knew it, she was lost. The sun went down, the wind rose and it began to rain. Primrose was all alone in the dark and she was frightened. Poor Primrose, would she find her way home again?

Summer Story
It was such a hot summer. The sky was deep blue and the sun never faltered. All along Brambly Hedge, the mice did their best to keep cool. Poppy Eyebright sought refuge in the mossy shadows of the mill wheel; Dusty Dogwood took to walking by the banks of the cooling stream. Dusty and Poppy spent more and more time together, so no one was at all surprised when they announced their engagement. They decided on a very unusual setting for the wedding ceremony, but even they didn't realise just how unusual it was to prove to be!

Take a trip down memory lane! Brambly Hedge fans can now enjoy Jill Barklem's much-loved stories on the go. Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect from the latest Brambly Hedge adventures. Brambly Hedge is ideal for early readers aged 6-7, but it appeals to all age groups. It’s a combination of classic fantasy and fable for little ones. It wouldn’t be fair to only enjoy one of these, so treat your little one to all 8 in this fun-filled collection. Parents love these for their intricate designs, lovely tales and a blast from the past. Being able to pick them up again and enjoy them with children makes each one of these stories a true delight to read.  

Following the mice as they discover hidden staircases, and magical spaces is just amazing. The watercolour illustrations are extremely detailed, and as a kid, your little one is bound to discover plenty in every teeny tiny detail of every picture. The best news is that this set contains all 8 in the popular collection and it can be snatched up at a hefty discount, making it an easy no-brainer for any fan. Perfect as a gift to give or receive, this nostalgic and iconic set is guaranteed to take prime position on any kids bookshelf!



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