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My First Bedtime Children's Library 10 Picture Books Collection Set - Ages 2-6 - Paperback

My First Bedtime Children's Library 10 Picture Books Collection Set - Ages 2-6 - Paperback

Little Tiger Press Group
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Product Code: B2D5627

ISBN: 9781801046411

Titles In This Set:
  1. Don't Be Afraid, Little Ones
  2. Just One More!
  3. Scaredy Mouse
  4. Goodnight, Tiger
  5. There's No Such Thing as Monsters!
  6. 10,9,8...Owls Up Late!
  7. The Littlest Owl
  8. The Bears In The Bed And The Great Big Storm
  9. Pirates In Pyjamas
  10. I Can't Sleep!


Don't Be Afraid, Little Ones
Deep in the soft green shadows of the jungle two tiny cubs pounce and play with their mother. But then one night Mother Tiger goes into the jungle to hunt.

Left alone, the cubs find the night seems much bigger and darker than before…

Just One More!
It’s bedtime for Little Brown Bunny. So Mummy reads him a bedtime story. Then another…then another… "Just one more!" cries Little Brown Bunny. But there are no stories left! Then Little Brown Bunny has a wonderful idea…

Scaredy Mouse
Squeak is a scared mouse, a stay-at-home mouse, until the day he goes out in search of some chocolate cake. But what if he gets lost, or comes face to face with the ginger cat? With a piece of string tied to his tail so that he can find his way home, Squeak sets out into the dark, shadowy hall.

Goodnight, Tiger
The animals in Emily’s jungle wallpaper can’t sleep, and they are bellowing and stomping and growling and keeping her awake! “Go to sleep!” shouts Emily. “We’ve tried and tried, but can’t!” says the tiger. So Emily climbs into the wallpaper and shows the animals how to get ready for bed. Only baths and lullabies aren’t quite the same in the jungle…!

There's No Such Thing as Monsters!
Little Bear is so excited! He’s going to sleep in his very own bedroom for the first time ever. But without his big brother there, Little Bear’s new bedroom seems a bit scary. It’s full of strange shadows and noises, and he’s sure there’s a monster that wants to eat him! ‘Silly Little Bear’, chuckles Big Bear. After all, there’s no such thing as monsters…Or is there?

10,9,8...Owls Up Late!
Ten cheeky, bouncy, noisy owls are playing in a tree. It’s bedtime, but they’re having far too much fun to go to sleep! Uh-oh. Will Mummy Owl ever convince all her little owlets to fly down to the nest?

Learn to count from 1 to 10 in this hilarious new counting book!

The Littlest Owl
Deep inside the willow tree the last baby owl is born. He’s so very small, a downy white ball. The other owls grow and learn to fly, but no matter how hard he tries, the littlest owl can’t quite do it. ‘I will’, he says. ‘Just you wait and see’.

Then one night, a howling storm forces the owls from their home. Will the littlest owl make it to safety?

The Bears In The Bed And The Great Big Storm
Baby Bear, Little Bear and Young Bear are scared of the storm. So one by one they climb into bed with their mum and dad. ‘What scaredy-bears you are!’ says Daddy Bear. But when there’s a rat-tat-tat at the door and the lights go out, Daddy Bear is not quite as brave as he seems.

Pirates In Pyjamas
Have you ever wondered whether pirates wear pyjamas when it’s time to say goodnight? Well leap aboard the Leaky Parrot to find out! Captain Grotbeard and his crew love nothing better than bubble baths, jim-jams and pillow fights! So if you want to be a pirate you don’t need a patch or sword – just grab your best pyjamas and a bed to climb aboard.

I Can't Sleep!
It’s the middle of the night on board the Leaping Salmon, but Mole can’t sleep. First he’s too hot … then he’s too cold … and then he’s afraid of the dark! Can his best friend, Mouse, make everything just right?



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