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Superpoop 10 Picture Books Collection Set - Ages 5-8 - Paperback

Superpoop 10 Picture Books Collection Set - Ages 5-8 - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D4978

ISBN: 9781444974317

Titles in this set:
  1. Does It Fart?
  2. 101 Bums
  3. Superpoop
  4. Superpoop Needs a Number Two
  5. The Snot That Animals Have Got
  6. The Farts that Animals Parp
  7. The Wee that Animals Pee
  8. The Poo That Animals Do
  9. We Need POO!
  10. We Need SLIME!


Does It Fart?
An explosive and hilarious look at facts, farts, and fun!

Dogs fart. Cats fart. Horses fart (a lot). But what about snakes? Spiders? Octopuses? What about chimpanzees? Cheetahs? Or dinosaurs?

In this gaseous guide to kids' favourite animals (and some they've probably never heard of), young readers will discover not only which animals parp, but also which have the stinkiest farts, which fart the most, and where all this smelly stuff comes from. They'll even learn which species has its own secret fart code! Perfect for reluctant readers, and with full-colour illustrations throughout, Does It Fart? is the funniest book you never knew you needed.

101 Bums
A hilariously silly rhyming picture book, featuring 101 different animal bums!

Bums in the jungle, bums in the town.
Bums in the treetops, hanging upside down.
Bums in the farmyard, bums in the park.
Lots of teeny-tiny bums, glowing in the dark!

Featuring an array of animal bums - from little to large, and everything in between - this brilliantly silly picture book is sure to get children giggling.

Just follow the bouncy read-aloud rhyme, then get ready to join in with the jiggly wiggly dance finale!

Superpoop is fresh from hero training and only needs one mission under his belt to join the super league of superheroes. Yet, whenever he tries to save the day, another hero always gets there first! All Superpoop needs is a job that only he can do, so when toilet trouble is the mission of the day, he might just get the plopportunity!

Superpoop Needs a Number Two
Since joining the League of Superheroes, Superpoop has been single-handedly dealing with the town's toilet trouble.

But when the mayor tasks him with protecting the museum's priceless Egyptian Golden Toilet Brush, Superpoop decides it's finally time to find a sidekick to help with these messy jobs.

Superpoop puts the call out for a solid, smell-proof companion who isn't afraid of the dirty work. Will he ever find the perfect number two, or will he forever battle the city drains alone?

The Snot That Animals Have Got
What is snot? How is it useful? What do animals do with it? Why is there so much? Find out the science behind the green goo and it's fascinating uses in the animal kingdom with this gross-filled guide!

Highly accessible text from expert non-fiction author Paul Mason combines with fun photographs and highly amusing artwork from Tony De Saulles to create a visual feast of information. Extra facts are packed into the back of the book so you can top trump friends on your snot knowledge!

The Farts that Animals Parp
Discover the wackiest facts about animals and their farts - and the scintillating science behind them!

Hold your nose for the latest batch of wacky animal facts in The Farts That Animals Parp! Try not to faint as you take in the

The Wee that Animals Pee
Welcome to the weird world of animal wee! Find out which animals are the fastest at peeing, which animals don't actually pee and how animal wee can save the planet!

Impress friends with "would you wee-lieve it?" wacky animal wee facts and discover the fascinating science behind animal wee, with Paul Mason's highly accessible and entertaining text.

The Poo That Animals Do
A fascinating insight into the world of animal poo - with "strange but poo" facts, from the smelliest, biggest, smallest, and most expensive poo to poo camouflage and keeping warm, discover all there is to know about animal poo and its uses. Photos combine with the tongue-in-cheek humour

We Need POO!
Get to know the icky but important POO that keeps nature running!

It's time to show POO some LOVE! This book is an icky, stinky celebration of the incredible work poo does all day long. Poo is a home, a defence, a nursery, a seed-sower and lots of laughs, too.

Icky World takes a look at the science of the messiest parts of nature and reminds us all to protect these icky but important bits of our precious planet.

We Need SLIME!
Get to know the icky but important SLIME that keeps nature running!

It's time to show SLIME some LOVE! This book is an icky, sticky celebration of the incredible work slime does all day long. Slime is a shield, a weapon, a climate protector, a nursery and lots of fun, too.



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