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Jonathan Stroud Bartimaeus Sequence 4 Books Collection - Bangzo Books Wholesale
Jonathan Stroud Bartimaeus Sequence 4 Books Collection - Bangzo Books Wholesale
Jonathan Stroud Bartimaeus Sequence 4 Books Collection - Bangzo Books Wholesale
Jonathan Stroud Bartimaeus Sequence 4 Books Collection - Bangzo Books Wholesale

The Bartimaeus Sequence Series 4 Books Collection Set by Jonathan Stroud - Ages 12+ - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D2069

ISBN: 9780552577625

Titles in This Set :

1. The Amulet of Samarkand
2. The Golem's Eye
3. Ptolemy's Gate
4. The Ring of Solomon

    Description :

    The Amulet of Samarkand
    The first volume in the brilliant, bestselling Bartimaeus sequence.

    When the 5,000-year-old djinni Bartimaeus is summoned by Nathaniel, a young magicians apprentice, he expects to have to do nothing more taxing than a little levitation or a few simple illusions. But Nathaniel is a precocious talent and has something rather more dangerous in mind: revenge. Against his will, Bartimaeus is packed off to steal the powerful Amulet of Samarkand from Simon Lovelace, a master magician of unrivalled ruthlessness and ambition. Before long, both djinni and apprentice are caught up in a terrifying flood of magical intrigue, murder and rebellion.

    Set in a modern-day London controlled by magicians, this hilarious, electrifying thriller will enthral readers of all ages.

    The Golems Eye
    This second volume of the brilliant, bestselling Bartimaeus sequence.

    Two years have passed since the events of The Amulet of Samarkand and the young magician Nathaniel is rising fast through the government ranks. But his career is suddenly threatened by a series of terrifying crises. A dangerous golem makes random attacks on London and other raids, even more threatening, are perpetrated by the Resistance. Nathaniel and Bartimaeus travel to Prague, enemy city of ancient magic, but while they are there uproar breaks out at home and Nathaniel returns to find his reputation in tatters. Can he rescue it from his Machiavellian adversaries in the government bent on his destruction?

    A thrilling sequel in which the relationship between the young magician and the djinni remains as teasing and complex as ever.

    Ptolemys Gate
    An Three years on from the events in The Golem's Eye, the magicians rule in London is teetering on a knife-edge, with strikes, riots and general unrest. The Prime Minister is largely controlled by two advisers, one of whom is 17-year-old Nathaniel. Meanwhile, living under a false identity, Kitty has been researching djinn; she has come to believe that the only way to destroy the magicians is with an alliance between djinn and ordinary people.

    Kitty seeks out Bartimaeus and embarks on a terrifying journey into the djinns chaotic domain – the Other Place – which no human being has ever survived. But even as she does so, Make peace engineers a dramatic coup d'etat.

    The outcome is a shattering of the magicians control and all magical laws are turned upside down. Can Bartimaeus, Nathaniel and Kitty settle old scores to prevent the earths destruction?

    The Ring of Solomon
    Fans of the Bartimaeus sequence will devour this book – a cracking adventure brimming with magic, intrigue and a treasure trove of characters that the reader cant help but fall for.

    We find everyone's favourite irascible djinni serving at the court of King Solomon in 950 BC Jerusalem, where he is causing his customary chaos and must help a girl assassin sent by the Queen of Sheba to steal the all-powerful Ring of Solomon. The comic relief is perfectly timed, the dialogue sharp and snappy and the fiendishly clever plot perfectly handled with Jonathan's trademark flair and command of language. Thrills, chills and a danger-spiked finale make Ring of Solomon an absolute must-read. 

    Join young magician Nathanial on an adventure of revenge, rebellion and murder in the Bartimaeus Sequence 4 book collection from Jonathan Stroud. This magical fantasy adventure is set in a modern London ruled by magicians and will excite readers aged 10+.



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