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A Campbell and Carter Mystery Series 7 Books Collection By Ann Granger - Young Adult - Paperback
A Campbell and Carter Mystery Series 7 Books Collection By Ann Granger - Young Adult - Paperback
A Campbell and Carter Mystery Series 7 Books Collection By Ann Granger - Young Adult - Paperback
A Campbell and Carter Mystery Series 7 Books Collection By Ann Granger - Young Adult - Paperback

A Campbell and Carter Mystery Series 7 Books Collection By Ann Granger - Young Adult - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D3796

ISBN: 9781472293299

Titles In This Set :

1. Mud, Muck and Dead Things
2. Rack, Ruin and Murder
3. Bricks and Mortality
4. Dead In The Water
5. Rooted in Evil
6. An Unfinished Murder
7. A Matter of Murder

Description :

Mud, Muck and Dead Things
Lucas Burton hates the countryside. To him it's nothing but mud, muck and dead things. And he's right. When he turns up at a deserted farm in the middle of nowhere hoping to conduct a business deal he stumbles across the body of a girl. And that's just the start of his bad luck: Penny Gower from the local stables has spotted his silver Mercedes leaving the scene of the crime. Suddenly, for Lucas, things are looking very bleak indeed... Inspector Jess Campbell is on the case, but with few leads and a new superintendent, Ian Carter, breathing down her neck, she's beginning to feel the pressure. Then another dead body is found...

Rack, Ruin and Murder
When old Monty Bickerstaffe finds a dead body in his drawing room it comes as a nasty surprise - the first of many. Monty lives alone in a crumbling Cotswold manor house and the last thing he wants is the police sniffing around his property. Not that he has anything to hide... The identity of the corpse and how and why it was left in Monty's home remain a mystery. The locals swear they've seen nothing unusual and Monty's relatives claim they've never set eyes on the stiff before. But Inspector Jess Campbell is convinced that someone's lying and, with the help of Superintendent Ian Carter, she must dig deep into Monty's family history to reveal the shocking truth...

Bricks and Mortality
When a dead body is found in a burnt-out Cotswold manor house, Inspector Jess Campbell has a murder inquiry on her hands. Key House has stood empty for years, but its owner, Gervase Crown, is rumoured to have been seen prior to the blaze. Could he be responsible for the fire and the tragedy that followed, or was he in fact the intended target? With the help of Superintendent lan Carter, Jess digs deeper into the history of Key House, and it becomes clear that Gervase has awakened old memories, not all of which are pleasant. Then his life is threatened and Jess and lan must act quickly to prevent another killing...

Dead In The Water
The Cotswold village of Weston St Ambrose is facing the wettest winter on record and, as the river bursts its banks, a dead girl is seen floating downstream. Called in to investigate, Inspector Jess Campbell discovers that the body is that of Courtney Higson, the barmaid who'd served at the local Writers' Club dinner. They'd all known
her - some better than others - but surely one of them wasn't contemplating murder?
Superintendent Ian Carter sympathises with Teddy Higson's grief at losing his beloved daughter. But Teddy's a local villain, released from prison on compassionate grounds, and lan and Jess know they must act quickly to find Courtney's killer before Teddy takes the law into his own hands...

Rooted in Evil
When the body of a man, with his brains blown out, is found in a Cotswold wood it looks like suicide. But looks can be deceptive and it doesn't take long for the police to identify that there's more to the case than meets the eye. People's stories don't add up and when Superintendent Ian Carter and Inspector Jess Campbell start probing it becomes clear that the dead man had ruffled more than a few feathers in this close-knit community. His stepsister had been bailing him out of his financial troubles - much against her husband's wishes - but, with his money worries still mounting, the victim had become a desperate man... As Jess and Ian dig deeper and deeper into the case, a cover-up is exposed and bitter resentment rises to the surface to reveal a killer.

An Unfinished Murder
As young children, Josh Browning and his sister, Dilys, stumbled across a dead body while playing on the outskirts of their Cotswold village. Terrified by what they'd seen, neither of them told a soul. Now, twenty years later, Josh finds the dead woman's charm bracelet among his sister's possessions. Who better to tell than his trusted friend, the man he gardens for, retired Superintendent Alan Markby? As Markby listens to Josh's confession, alarm bells start to ring. The dates and details tie in with a missing person case that was never solved. Joining forces with Superintendent Ian Carter, who also investigated the original case, and Inspector Jess Campbell, from the region where the missing girl was last seen, Markby delves into the unsolved mystery. Together, they are determined to catch a clever killer who almost got away with murder...

A Matter of Murder
Two years ago, Miff Ferguson chose to opt out of the rat race. Since then he's been living rough and happily so. That is until now. For, as the first signs of winter approach, everything changes. While looking for shelter, Miff stumbles across the dead body of a young woman inside a dilapidated warehouse. Quickly realising he's not alone, and what's worse he's been spotted, Miff becomes embroiled in a game of cat-and-mouse with a killer that forces him to abandon his life on the streets and take refuge with his aunt and uncle in the village of Weston St Ambrose. But, despite his best efforts to lie low, trouble seems to follow him and when another dead body is discovered at a local farm, it's clear Miff is not free from danger. With the clock ticking, Inspector Jess Campbell and Superintendent Ian Carter must join forces once again with the team of police at Bamford to piece together the puzzle before another innocent life is lost...


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