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Bear Grylls Adventure Series 10 Book Collection

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Product Code: B2D2229

ISBN: 9781786961235

Titles in Collection

  • The Safari Challenge
  • The Cave Challenge
  • The Mountain Challenge
  • The Volcano Challenge
  • The Earthquake Challenge
  • The River Challenge
  • The Sea Challenge
  • The Jungle Challenge
  • The Desert Challenge
  • The Blizzard Challenge
Young explorers, adventurers and nature enthusiasts will love Bear Grylls' exciting stories. In each of these 10 books, a child is given a magical compass that leads them to somewhere incredible - and also gives them the chance to meet Bear! 

Set in blizzards, jungles, deserts the sea and other amazing locations, these awesomely illustrated stories is packed with action and will help teach readers new survival skills that they can make use of in real life. 

With Bear taking on a central starring role, these inspiring stories will encourage children to get outside and explore some more!


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