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Billie B Brown The Ultimate Collection All 25 Books Set by Sally Rippin - Age 5+ - Paperback
Billie B Brown The Ultimate Collection All 25 Books Set by Sally Rippin - Age 5+ - Paperback
Billie B Brown The Ultimate Collection All 25 Books Set by Sally Rippin - Age 5+ - Paperback
Billie B Brown The Ultimate Collection All 25 Books Set by Sally Rippin - Age 5+ - Paperback

Billie B Brown The Ultimate Collection All 25 Books Set by Sally Rippin - Age 5+ - Paperback

Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
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Product Code: B2D3909

ISBN: 9781760509125

Titles in This Set:

1. The Bad Butterfly
2. The Soccer Star
3. The Second-best Friend
4. The Midnight Feast
5. The Extra-special Helper
6. The Beautiful Haircut
7. The Perfect Present
8. The Secret Message
9. The Big Sister
10. The Birthday Mix-up
11. The Best Project
12. The Little Lie
13. The Spotty Holiday
14. The Cutest Pet Ever
15. The Copycat Kid
16. The Pocket Money Blues
17. The Deep End
18. The Night Fright
19. The Missing Tooth
20. The Bully Buster
21. The Grumpy Neighbour
22. The Hat Parade
23. The Honey Bees
24. The Baby Bird
25. The Best Day Ever


The Bad Butterfly
Brave, brilliant and bold Billie B. Brown has started ballet classes. She wants to be a famous ballerina, but can she?

The Soccer Star
Billie wants to play soccer, but the boys at school won’t let her. How can Billie prove that girls can play soccer, too?

The Second-best Friend
Billie has always been best friends with Jack. But now Rebecca wants to be her best friend! Who will Billie choose?

The Midnight Feast
Billie and Jack are camping in Jack’s backyard. But it’s very dark. And maybe just a little bit scary. Are they really big enough to camp all on their own?

The Extra-special Helper
Billie’s class is off to the zoo! She has to stop everyone from being naughty. If only they’d listen to her!

The Beautiful Haircut
Billie is the best hairdresser in the world! She can make her dolls’ hair beautiful. Can she make her own hair beautiful, too

The Perfect Present
Billie is bursting with excitement. It is Christmas tomorrow! She knows her presents must be hidden somewhere. A bit of peeking won’t hurt, will it?

The Secret Message
Billie’s family is off to the beach! But when they get there, her mum and dad just want to read books and nap. Will this be the most boring holiday ever?

The Big Sister
Billie can’t wait for the new baby to arrive. She’s even going to give it her favourite teddy! But what will happen when her parents go to hospital without her – and Billie’s teddy goes missing?

The Birthday Mix-up
Billie’s party is going to be the best ever. She has lots of fun games planned! But what if Billie’s friends don’t like her party? Or worse ... what if they don’t come?

The Best Project
Billie’s little brother is cute, but he can be annoying. Billie has to keep everything away from him. Especially the tower she has made for her school project ...

The Little Lie
Billie has broken her arm! It’s going to be the best story ever for Show and Tell. Especially if she adds in a crocodile ...

The Spotty Holiday
Billie has lots of fun things planned for her visit to Grandma’s. But when Billie wakes up covered in spots, will her holiday be ruined?

The Cutest Pet Ever
Billie has found the most adorable guinea pig in the pet shop. She is going to love it forever! If only she can convince her mum and dad ...

The Copycat Kid
Being  the new girl's buddy is a VERY important job. Billie is exited! But what happens when the new girl starts to copy everything Billie does?

The Pocket Money Blues
Billie is desperate to buy a cute little Bunny Baby toy-but first she has to save up the money by doing extra jobs. Luckily Jack is helping her!

The Deep End
Billie’s class used to swim inthe little pool. But this yearthey’re moving to the bigone. Will Billie be too scaredto swim in the deep end?

The Night Fright
Billie loves Rebecca’s older sisters. They make her feel so grown-up! But is Billie grown-up enough to handle the scary movies they like?

The Missing Tooth
Billie has lost her first tooth! It's very small, so she has to take special care of it. She can't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come ...

The Bully Buster
Billie is furious. A bully at school is being mean, mean, mean. But what can Billie do about it?

The Grumpy Neighbour
Billie has kicked her new soccer ball over Grumpy Gertie’s fence. Her friends say Gertie will never give it back. Can Billie find a way to befriend Gertie and get her ball?

The Hat Parade
Billie really wants to win the school hat parade. She has made lots of amazing hats! But when Billie gets stuck in bed with a horrible cold, will her hat parade plans be ruined?

The Honey Bees
Billie wants to save the planet, and she has a super-dooper new idea: to build a beehive! But why is Jack so upset about her plan?

The Best Day Ever
Billie can't wait for the school bazaar! But her friends want to go on the Super-Dooper Snake ride, and Billie isn't sure she's brave enough...

The Baby Bird
Billie has found a baby bird. She really wants to look after it! But is Billie the right person for the job?


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