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Bluey Let's Do This! 10 Picture Books Collection Box Set - Ages 3-7 - Paperback

Bluey Let's Do This! 10 Picture Books Collection Box Set - Ages 3-7 - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D5349

ISBN: 9780241659649

Title in this set:
  1. Bluey: The Beach
  2. Bluey: Goodnight Fruit Bat
  3. Bluey: Butterflies
  4. Bluey: Bingo
  5. Bluey: Magic Xylophone
  6. Bluey: Hammerbarn
  7. Bluey: The Pool
  8. Bluey: The Creek
  9. Bluey: Grannies
  10. Bluey: Bob Bilby

Bluey: The Beach
Bluey, Bingo, Mum and Dad are at the beach. While Mum is off for a walk, Bluey discovers a beautiful shell and runs to catch up with her.

What will she discover along the way in her first solo adventure?

Bluey: Goodnight Fruit Bat
It's bedtime, but Bluey doesn't want to go to sleep. She dreams that she's a fruit bat so that she can stay awake ALL NIGHT!

Bluey: Butterflies
Bluey, Bingo, and Judo are playing Butterflies! But when Judo and Bluey leave Bingo behind to play another game, Bingo is heartbroken.

Bluey: Bingo

Bluey is off to play at Chloe's house for the day and mum and dad are busy - can Bingo find a game to play by herself to keep busy?

Bluey: Magic Xylophone
Bluey and Bingo freeze and unfreeze Dad by pressing each of the coloured buttons on your Magic Xylophone when you spot them in the story.

Bluey: Hammerbarn

Bluey and her family are shopping at Hammerbarn for a pizza oven. Bluey and Bingo play neighbours in their trolleys.

Bluey: The Pool

On a trip to the pool Bluey and Dad tease Mum about being fussy and over-prepared, but they soon realise that's what makes the fun things possible.

Bluey: The Creek

Bluey and her friends are bored at the park and Mackenzie suggests a trip to the creek.


Bluey and Bingo are playing Grannies. While playing, they get stuck on a question: can grannies dance?

Bluey: Bob Bilby

It's Bingo's turn to bring Bob Bibly home. Bingo and Bob Bibly can't wait for their fun adventures.


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