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Children's Christmas Storybook 10 Books Collection Set - Ages 3-6 - Paperback

Children's Christmas Storybook 10 Books Collection Set - Ages 3-6 - Paperback

Little Tiger Press Group
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Product Code: B2D5628

ISBN: 9781801046367

Titles In This Set:
  1. The Night Before Christmas
  2. The Magic Of Christmas
  3. One Snowy Night
  4. Waiting For Santa
  5. Big Bear Little Bear
  6. A Christmas Wish
  7. A Long Way From Home
  8. When Will It Snow
  9. When Granny Saved Christmas
  10. The Magical Snowman


The Night Before Christmas
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse . . .

It’s Christmas Eve and the whole house is sleeping – all except one little boy, woken up by the jingle of bells and the clatter of reindeer hooves on the roof. As he tiptoes downstairs, who will he find?

The Magic Of Christmas
It’s Christmas, and the air is full of whispers and giggles. But what is the magic of Christmas that everyone is so excited about, wonders Little Mouse? One by one, the other mice tell him what they love most about the festive season.

One Snowy Night
One snowy Christmas, Little Hedgehog woke from his deep winter sleep. He was so cold, far too cold to go back to sleep. What a treat, then, to be given a snug, woolly red hat from Father Christmas. But no matter how he stretched it to fit, his prickles got in the way every time. This hat was no use. But it turned out to be the best Christmas present ever!

Waiting For Santa
It’s Christmas Eve in the forest. "Will Santa bring us presents?" squeaks Mouse. "Of course not!" huffs Badger. "Santa doesn’t even we’re here." But clever Bear has a plan. He sets his friends to work making reindeer snacks and a huge tree to attract Father Christmas’ attention. "We just have to believe!" Bear tells them. But will Santa really come?

Big Bear Little Bear
When Little Bear stood on his mother’s shoulders he could see to the end of the world…

Little Bear longs to be as big and as fast as his mother. In the cold Arctic snow, Mother Bear shows the little bear cub what it’s like to be grown up. But after riding on Mother Bear’s shoulders and snuggling up for the night, Little Bear realises that he’s not quite ready to grow up yet – after all being small brings its own rewards!

A Christmas Wish
It’s finally Christmas, and Gemma and Ty are so excited. But as they unpack the tree decorations, Ty breaks the snow deer, Gemma’s favourite. Can the secret of the snow deer bring the magic back to Christmas?

A Long Way From Home
At bedtime in the burrow Moz is squished and squashed by sleepy rabbits. Crumpled and cross, he asks to go with his friend Albatross to the icy lands of the North Star. So off they fly, but when Moz gets lost he finds himself cold and lonely, and a long way from home.

When Will It Snow
"Winter is coming," Mother Bear said. "We must snuggle down to sleep in our den."Little Bear doesn’t want to sleep! He wants to know what snow is like. His firends try to show him by making mud-balls and angels in the sand. But Little Bear knows that while he’s asleep his friends will have fun in the soft, white snow. Will they forget about him?

When Granny Saved Christmas
Bubble and Squeak are off to Granny’s for Christmas. Only how will Santa find them? They try leaving a map and sending Santa a HUGE letter… But when they finally get to Granny’s house, there’s no chimney! How will Father Christmas get in? It’s up to Granny to save the day – and Christmas!

A warm and funny tale to reassure any child spending their first Christmas away from home. This charming picture book will calm any worries about how Father Christmas will find them – or how he enters a house with no fireplace!

The Magical Snowman
Little Rabbit has made a wonderful snowman and doesn’t want to leave him. When he gets lost in the snow, a soft light sparkles through the trees and a very special friend appears to take him on a magical journey home.



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