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Conn Iggulden Emperor Series 5 Books Collection

Harper Collins
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Product Code: B2D0236

ISBN: 9780007946068


Reading Age - Young Adult

Author - Conn Iggulden

Titles In Set

  • Emperor - The Field of Swords
  • Emperor: The Blood of Gods
  • Emperor - The Gods of War
  • Emperor - The Gates of Rome
  • Emperor - The Death of Kings

Emperor - The Field of Swords

Emperor - Field of Swords takes Colin Iggulden's sequence of novels about the rise of Julius Caesar to a point where Caesar is forced to bid for mastery of the Roman world. Iggulden is intelligent and precise about the internal dynamics of the triumvirate of Caesar, the elderly rich Crassus and the proud Pompey. This alliance was never more than pragmatic and there was always going to be a settling of accounts--thus far so good, but Iggulden's idealizing of Caesar leads him at times into ignoring the sheer complexity of the affairs of the late Republic. This is a version of Rome which downplays the alliance of street and snob, and treats Caesar as if he were always an apostle of order--it is a historical novel which plays worrying games with historical fact.

Iggulden is fascinating on Caesar as governor and general--in the areas, that is, where we have the words of the man himself, rather than the spin put on his actions by his enemies. There is a real sense here of the pract

Emperor: The Blood of Gods

The epic new novel in Conn Iggulden’s bestselling EMPEROR series, featuring a new short story by the author.Julius Caesar has been assassinated. A nation is in mourning. Revenge will be bloody.Rome’s great hero Julius Caesar has been brutally murdered by his most trusted allies. While these self-appointed Liberatores seek refuge in the senate, they have underestimated one man: Caesar’s adopted son Octavian, a man whose name will echo through history as Augustus Caesar.

Emperor - The Gods of War

After the all-conquering film Gladiator, the streets of ancient Rome are thronging as authors rush to set their tales of violent combat and political machinations there. Conn Iggulden’s Emperor sequence is one of the most prestigious of entries in this avalanche, and the latest, The Gods of War, is the most accomplished yet, coming across like Robert Graves’ I, Claudius with an extra adrenalin rush.

In the first volume in this ambitious series, The Gates of Rome, the author demonstrated a master’s skill in conjuring the savagery and sophistication of the era. Iggulden's youthful protagonists, Gaius and Marcus, pledged their friendship in first century Rome. As they developed their skills in the humanities, their bodies were toughened by a battle-hardened ex-gladiator. And as they grew to manhood they became known by the names with which they will be remembered by history: Marcus Brutus and Julius Caesar.

In the latest volume, we're in the time o

Emperor - The Gates of Rome

The first volume of a sequence of novels about Julius Caesar, The Gates of Rome is at its best in its scenes of gruelling training in swordplay and dirty fighting. Iggulden's Caesar is more or less fated from the start by his circumstances to be a gifted and cynical player in the great game of Roman senatorial politics--his father is an old-fashioned servant of the public good who dies in a slave revolt. Young Caesar finds himself having to hit the ground running--family alliances throw him onto the losing side in a battle for power between generals Marius and Sulla.

One reservation about Iggulden's story is that he simplifies the pushing and shoving of Rome's two most powerful men to a degree that makes Caesar's choices and loyalties too simple--this is a version of Rome in which politics is only about power and never about ideas. Caesar's friendship with his blood-brother Marcus is too redolent with historical irony--Marcus will be his assassin--and Iggulden is a little no

Emperor - The Death of Kings

The first book in Conn Iggulden's highly impressive Emperor series, The Gates of Rome, immediately marked the author out as one of the most accomplished practitioners of the sweeping historical novel at work today. The second book, The Death of Kings, creates another massive panoply of the Ancient World with the young Caesar serving onboard a war galley in the dangerous tempest-tossed waters of the Mediterranean. Achieving a striking victory with his already fully formed intellect and forceful personality, things suddenly turn disastrous for him when he is captured by pirates and imprisoned on the North Coast of Africa. But Caesar knows he is not fated to end his prospects here, and uses his charisma and leadership abilities to forge a lean and lethal squadron of warriors who break out of captivity and find themselves involved in a bloody uprising in Greece. And, inevitably, Caeser is soon back on his way to Rome for another encounter that will have tremendous cons



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