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Dick King-Smith The 10 Books Centenary Box Set - Ages 7-11 - Paperback
Dick King-Smith The 10 Books Centenary Box Set - Ages 7-11 - Paperback
Dick King-Smith The 10 Books Centenary Box Set - Ages 7-11 - Paperback
Dick King-Smith The 10 Books Centenary Box Set - Ages 7-11 - Paperback

Dick King-Smith The 10 Books Centenary Box Set - Ages 7-11 - Paperback

Sweet Cherry Publishing
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Product Code: B2D3446

ISBN: 9781782268703

Titles In This Set :

1. Pigs Might Fly
2. Paddy's Pot of Gold
3. Julius Caesar's Goat
4. Dodos are Forever
5. Dragon Boy
6. Find the White Horse
7. Friends and Brothers
8. Tumbleweed
9. Warlock Watson
10. What Sadie Saw

Description :

Pigs Might Fly
Poor Daggie Dogfoot! He’s much smaller than his brothers and sisters, with feet more like a dog’s than a pig’s. The very day that Daggie is born, the pigman whisks him off to the shed for a merciful death. When Daggie miraculously escapes, he returns to the safety of the sties and the protection of his mother, who begins to think that Daggie isn’t just different but special.

Special for a purpose.

And when Daggie befriends a duck called Felicity, he begins to understand what that purpose might be …

Paddy's Pot of Gold
Brigid lives in Ireland, she’s an only child, and she just so happens to have a hole in one boot on her birthday. Surprise! These are the exact four things needed to see a leprechaun.

Meet Patrick Victorious Wellington Right-Handed O’Reilly – but you can call him Paddy.

Everyone knows that leprechauns have a pot of gold buried somewhere, but Paddy insists that a single shilling is all he has in the world. Is he telling the truth? Or are leprechauns as stingy as Brigid’s parents say?

Julius Caesar's Goat
Great Caesar’s goat! What’s that smell? Oh wait, it’s … Julius Caesar’s goat.

Butter stinks so bad that armies flee at the merest whiff of him. No one understands how Caesar can bear to be near this pungent pet, let alone cuddling up with Queen Cleopatra. She might be beautiful, but she uses Siberian wolfs’ wee for perfume and rancid donkey milk for bathwater!

No one knows that Caesar lost his sense of smell as a boy. And they’re certainly not going to risk telling him that his goat and his girlfriend stink!

Dodos are Forever
The year is AD 1650, and dodos Bertie and Beatrice are living peacefully on an island in the Indian Ocean. Peacefully, that is, until sailors arrive and discover that dodo tastes a lot like chicken.

With the sailors come a host of hungry rats. They like nothing more than dodo eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and Bertie and Beatrice are about to start a family.

Sir Francis Drake, the captain’s parrot, warns the lovebirds that if they’re not careful, their species could become extinct. But what’s a dodo to do-do?

Dragon Boy
Montagu Bunsen-Burner is on a diet. Concerned for his dragon digestion, his wife Albertina has taken humans off the menu. So when Montagu meets an orphaned boy in Sherwood Forest, he doesn’t barbecue him. He adopts him.

Little John proves useful with his knowledge of herbs and cooking, but his cleverness in finally hatching one of Albertina’s eggs is what truly secures his place in the family.

With his wolf Bart beside him, John bravely faces danger from animals, outlaws and fire. And as he grows, so does the legend of the dragon boy.

Find the White Horse
What do two dogs, a cat and a pigeon have in common? They’re all looking for a white horse.

Lubber the dog is lost, so Squintum the Siamese cat decides to help him find home. Unfortunately, home is many miles and many dangers away.

On the journey they’re joined by a racing pigeon with no sense of direction, and an abandoned Red Setter too easily mistaken for a fox. Meanwhile, in a cottage under a hill with a chalk drawing on it, two sisters fear they’ll never see their beloved pet again.

Friends and Brothers
Little brothers can be SO annoying! Especially if your name is William.

William’s brother Charlie is full of questions, fond of showing off and says ‘absolutely’ to absolutely everything. He doesn’t even know what it means!

But for all their differences, they’re still brothers. And more than that, they’re friends. Whether William is crying ‘bull’ instead of ‘wolf’, or Charlie is counting wildebeest instead of sheep, the two of them are never far apart. (Although William would probably sleep better if they were!)

Of all the knights in Merrie England, Sir Tumbleweed is the clumsiest. He dreams of winning a tournament and slaying a dragon, but he can’t even stay on his horse. As for rescuing a damsel in distress – chance would be a fine thing!

Cue the lion, the witch and the … unicorn? With their help, Sir Basil the Beastly, current jousting champion, is going down! Literally.

After that, they just need to find a dragon (preferably small) and a damsel (beautiful, of course). What could possibly go wrong?

Warlock Watson
How would you like to be a witch or a warlock? Sam Watson would love it! In fact, he’s pretty sure he already is one.

All it takes is a magic rhyme and hey presto! A new washing machine for Mum, time off for Dad and the winning goal for a friend. Or are those just coincidences?

Despite a warning about the dangers of magic, Sam casts a final spell to prove once and for all that he truly is a warlock. Will he be lucky, or will his last wish backfire?

What Sadie Saw
Sadie wakes up one morning knowing two things about her day: 1. It’s going to rain. 2. She’s going to find some money. A thunderstorm and a pound coin later, Sadie knows something else: She can see the future!

But not every vision is as easy to understand. What do the words ‘Down Under’ mean? Down under where? And what does it have to do with a woman carrying a stripy umbrella?

Only Cousin Beryl believes Sadie’s visions. But will it be enough to save her from a terrible accident?



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