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Geronimo Stilton The 10 Book Collection (Series 6) Box Set - Ages 5-7 - Paperback
Geronimo Stilton The 10 Book Collection (Series 6) Box Set - Ages 5-7 - Paperback
Geronimo Stilton The 10 Book Collection (Series 6) Box Set - Ages 5-7 - Paperback
Geronimo Stilton The 10 Book Collection (Series 6) Box Set - Ages 5-7 - Paperback

Geronimo Stilton The 10 Book Collection (Series 6) Box Set - Ages 5-7 - Paperback

Sweet Cherry Publishing
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Product Code: B2D5204

ISBN: 9781782269762

Titles in this set:
  1. There’s a Mouse in Space
  2. The Hunt for the Golden Book
  3. There’s a Pirate on the Internet
  4. Case of the Chocolate Thief
  5. Championship Finals In New Mouse City
  6. The Ghost of the Colosseum
  7. A Sticky Situation
  8. The Night of the Were-Pumpkins
  9. Happy Birthday, Geronimo!
  10. Mystery of the Giant Pearl.


Geronimo Stilton is not strong, he’s not bold, and he’s DEFINITELY not brave. Adventure?! What’s wrong with staying at home with a box of cheesy chews? From Cacklefur Castle, Rome, under the sea and outer space, Geronimo is in for an adventure of a lifetime!

The Geronimo Stilton series is perfect for 5-to-8-year-olds and reluctant readers due to its expressive typeset, fun illustrations and humorous stories.

There’s a Mouse in Space
00G reporting for duty. Geronimo has been tasked with finding out what, or rather who, has been terrorising New Mouse City. But first he must get out of his pyjamas and head to space on board the Ratollo 16. Can this rookie adjust to being an astronaut, save New Mouse City and become a true hero?

The Hunt for the Golden Book
It’s Geronimo’s tenth anniversary of writing adventure stories! Grandfather William is organising an enormouse party and has asked Geronimo to write and publish The Golden Book in only seven days … mouldy mozzarella! To make matters worse, someone is trying to sabotage everything. Can this ’fraidy mouse catch the culprit and finish writing the book in time for the party?

There’s a Pirate on the Internet
Geronimo Stilton is a kind, frugal mouse. So when nasty emails get sent from Geronimo’s email address and expensive packages begin to turn up on his doorstep … something has gone terribly wrong! A thief has stolen Geronimo’s identity and is using his name to do horrible things online. Geronimo teams up with Professor Margo Bitmouse and hops on the internet to track down the thief.

The Case of the Chocolate Thief
Plans for The Spring Festival are underway and Geronimo has a lot of cheese on his plate. There has been an eggnapping! The world famouse Mousebergé Egg from the Mouseum has been stolen! The Spring Festival will be ruined if Geronimo can’t crack the case and catch the thief in time.

Championship Finals in New Mouse City
The Super Cup has come to New Mouse City! Geronimo’s favourite teams, the Squeakers and Turbo Cheese have made it to the championship finals. But suspicions arise when the Mighty Mice and Sewer Rats keep scoring … without trying! It’s up to Geronimo to figure out who is cheating and make sure the best team wins the trophy.

The Ghost of the Colosseum
Geronimo’s nephew, Benjamin, is struggling with history at school. To improve his grades, Geronimo takes him on a trip to Rome, Italy to see how mouserific history can be! However, there is no time to learn about Roman history … A ghost has been haunting the Colosseum and Geronimo has been recruited to solve this fur-curling mystery!

The Sticky Situation
The Stilton family farm has started making its own honey. But suddenly a mysterimouse new business appears called Bee Mine … also selling honey. Something un-bee-lievable is happening! Firstly, the Bee Mine factory, next a stomach flu outbreak and then a note asking Geronimo to sell his beloved farm. This worryrat has a very sticky situation to solve!

The Night of the Were-Pumpkins
Geronimo is ready for a stress-free holiday but has ended up at Cacklefur Castle, home to his friend Creepella von Cacklefur. There is nothing relaxing about that spooky place! As Geronimo tries to rest, a cat phantom breaks loose putting the were-pumpkins in danger! Join Geronimo on this scream-worthy, frightful and ghostly adventure.

Happy Birthday, Geronimo!
Happy birthday, Geronimo! It’s time to celebrate with family and friends! But as Geronimo is about to pay for his expensive birthday meal, he discovers all his money has been replaced with fake banknotes! Holey cheese! Just what is going on and can Geronimo and Hercule Poirat find out who is behind this money mystery…

Mystery of the Giant Pearl
Geronimo Stilton, cheese expert and journalist, goes on holiday only to discover a fabumouse giant pearl hidden deep in the ocean! All is well, until Geronimo discovers a bunch of mousechievous crooks are planning on stealing the giant pearl for themselves! Cream crackers! Can Geronimo and his friends save the giant pearl before it’s too late?



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