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Geronimo Stilton : The 10 Books Collection Series 5 - Ages 5-8 - Paperback
Geronimo Stilton : The 10 Books Collection Series 5 - Ages 5-8 - Paperback
Geronimo Stilton : The 10 Books Collection Series 5 - Ages 5-8 - Paperback
Geronimo Stilton : The 10 Books Collection Series 5 - Ages 5-8 - Paperback

Geronimo Stilton : The 10 Books Collection Series 5 - Ages 5-8 - Paperback

Sweet Cherry Publishing
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Product Code: B2D4061

ISBN: 9781782269403

Titles in This Set:

1. My Name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton
2. It’s Halloween, You Fraidy Mouse
3. The Mysterious Cheese Thief
4. Save the White Whale
5. The Wedding Crasher
6. The Karate Mouse
7. Geronimo’s Valentine
8. I Am Not A Supermouse!
9. The Great Diamond Robbery
10. Singing Sensation


My Name is Stilton, Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Stilton is a very normal mouse, who has a very normal job and likes very normal things. Everything is just how Geronimo likes it, until his new assistant Pinky Pick blasts into his life. How will Geronimo cope when Pinky turns his office upside down? And what exactly is she planning for Geronimo’s birthday?

It’s Halloween, You Fraidy Mouse
Scary costumes? Spooky parties? Nobody hates Halloween more than Geronimo. But when he is given twenty-four hours to write a spooktacular Halloween book, Geronimo must journey to Creepella von Cacklefur’s chilling house to research the worst holiday of the year. Will this ‘fraidy mouse survive Halloween and will he get his book written in time?

The Mysterious Cheese Thief
Cheese niblets! The Stilton Cheesemakers’ Association have demanded that the Stilton family stop using the Stilton name immediately! Cue a trip to England, home of Stilton cheese. But as Geronimo fights to keep his name, a mysterious thief steals all the Stilton in England! Can Geronimo find the thief and learn what it means to be a Stilton?

Save the White Whale
Geronimo is off on holiday to the beautiful Bay of Whales. Sun, sea and sand – what more could a mouse want? But when he arrives, the bay is destroyed. There’s litter, smoke in the sky and a giant white whale washed up on the beach! Can Geronimo clean up and save the whale before it’s too late?

The Wedding Crasher
The Stiltons are off to Penny Pincher Castle for a fabumouse wedding! Cousin Stevie Stingysnout is marrying Patience Plainpaws. But when they arrive there’s no wedding reception, no refreshments – and the bride is very unhappy. What secrets are hiding in Penny Pincher Castle? It’s up to Geronimo to find out!

The Karate Mouse
Bookmouse Geronimo loves bubble baths and cosy nights in. He is definitely not a competitive sportsmouse. But Bruce Hyena and Shorty Tao have other ideas. Geronimo is dragged to compete in the World Karate Championships! With just a week to go before the competition, can this ‘fraidy mouse overcome his fears … and possibly even win?

Geronimo’s Valentine
Tuxedo? Check. Cologne? Check. Breath mint? Check. Geronimo is all set for a Valentine’s date with the wonderful Petunia Pretty Paws. But the date is ruined when Hercule Poirat shows up with awful news – a famouse romantic painting has been stolen! Can Geronimo help find the painting and impress Petunia at the same time?

I Am Not A Supermouse!
Bruce Hyena has decided it’s time for ‘fraidy mouse Geronimo to get brave. Freezing temperatures, terrifying animals and dark caves await Geronimo as Bruce takes him all over the world on the adventure of a lifetime. Can this ‘fraidy mouse survive the Real Mouse Tests and make it home alive?

The Great Diamond Robbery
Geronimo Stilton isn’t much of a sportsmouse, so why would he be competing in a golf tournament? Well, his grandfather needs a partner of course! Soon there is trouble … someone is planning to steal the solid gold Super Mouse Cup with the world-famouse giant diamond! Can Geronimo stop the thief in time?!

Singing Sensation
From singing in the shower to being asked to go on MOUSE ISLAND IDOL, Geronimo becomes a star when he gets a record deal after singing on national television. But Geronimo's stardom is threatened when Hercule Poirat suspects someone is pirating Geronimo's music ... It's up to Geronimo to stop the MUSIC PIRATES!


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