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Life Is Strange Series by Emma Vieceli: 6 Books (1-6) Collection Set - Fiction - Paperback
Life Is Strange Series by Emma Vieceli: 6 Books (1-6) Collection Set - Fiction - Paperback

Life Is Strange Series by Emma Vieceli: 6 Books (1-6) Collection Set - Fiction - Paperback

Titan Comics
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Product Code: B2D5467

ISBN: 9781787742383

Titles In The Set:

  1. Dust
  2. Waves
  3. Strings
  4. Partners In Time
  5. Coming Home
  6. Settling Dust


Experience an astounding new story in the world of the BAFTA-winning, critically-acclaimed videogame Life is Strange, as Max and Chloe return to Arcadia Bay to face an impossible decision - with truly epic consequences.

Following on from one possible ending of the much-loved game, this all-new story, Life is Strange: Dust, finds aspiring photographer Max Caulfield and best friend Chloe Price struggling to build a new life, one year after the shocking events of the storm that swept through Arcadia Bay. When Max seemingly starts travelling in time without her knowledge or control, she and Chloe must return to where their journey began - to uncover the truth, set things right, and confront the ghosts of the past!

After being forced to leave her beloved Chloe and timeline behind, time traveler Max Caulfield arrives into a new reality to find not only an alternative Chloe, but also Rachel, now very much alive!

Based on the fan-adored, BAFTA-winning video game Life is Strange, Waves continues the adventures of Max in one of the many alternate realities from the critically acclaimed game, and finds her struggling to fit into an unfamiliar new reality. In this reality Rachel was never murdered and is actually dating Chloe! And Max discovers a mysterious boy with a unique talent.

Time traveler Max Caulfield has been keeping a secret from her close friends, Chloe and Rachel. She's not from their reality! Now Max thinks she may have found a way home, back to her own Chloe... and so it's time for the truth to come out!

Based on the fan-favorite BAFTA award-winning video game Life is Strange, 'Strings picks up from one of the endings of the original game and follows Max into a new alternate reality. Here, Rachel never died, and she and Chloe are a couple. Here, too, is a young man with an unexpected new power - the ability to disappear - who may offer Max the ability to return home to her original timeline.

Partners In Time
Trapped in a reality that is not her own, Max Caulfield needs to find a way to return to her original timeline! Max must follow her connection with Chloe across infinite realities, and from one coast to another, as she embarks on the road trip of multiple lifetimes!

When her temporal abilities threatened to tear reality apart after the events of the BAFTA-winning videogame Life is Strange, Max was forced to leave her Chloe behind and jump to a new timeline: where Rachel was alive and Chloe had left Arcadia Bay. Afraid to use her powers, Max hid her secret for two years until she met Tristan, a boy with the power to phase in and out of reality. The pair teamed up to return Max to her timeline, but while Tristan succeeded, stranding himself with the original Chloe, Max was left behind, unable to cross over.

Coming Home
Stranded in a parallel reality, Max Caulfield has spent years searching for a way to get back to her original timeline and the woman she loves. Now, a new ally and a new storm may finally offer the chance she's been waiting for.

Spinning out of one possible ending of the time-twisting. BAFTA Award-winning videogame Life is Strange, the comics journey of Max, Chloe and Rachel delivers an astounding new chapter. Before, Max leapt into the unknown as her temporal abilities threatened to tear her apart. Now, she must push her powers to their limit if she is to be strong enough to return home...

Settling Dust
In the eye of the storm lies Max Caulfield's only chance to cross reality and find her way home. But to be with the Chloe Price she loves, Max will need to say goodbye to the friends who gave everything to help them reunite.

Following one of the possible endings to the BAFTA-award winning videogame Life is Strange, Max sacrificed the town of Arcadia Bay to stay with Chloe. But after Max's temporal abilities threatened to tear apart reality, they were forced apart. Now, after years of separation, Max and Chloe are about to finally reunite - but the town of Arcadia Bay is not as Max remembers...



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