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Penny Dale's Dinosaurs 6 Books Set With a Free Stories Audio Book! - Age 2-5 - Paperback

Penny Dale's Dinosaurs 6 Books Set With a Free Stories Audio Book! - Age 2-5 - Paperback

Nosy Crow
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Product Code: B2D5687

ISBN: 9781805133643

Title in This Set:

1. Dinosaur Dig!
2. Dinosaur Zoom!
3. Dinosaur Rescue!
4. Dinosaur Rocket!
5. Dinosaur Pirates!
6. Dinosaur Farm!


Every Nosy Crow paperback picture book comes with a free 'Stories Aloud' audio recording - just scan the QR code and listen along!

Dinosaur Dig!
One dinosaur, who is digging a very big hole is joined by more and more dinosaur friends as they work on a huge construction project. But what are they building? It’s a huge, splashy swimming pool... and they made it themselves!

Dinosaur Zoom!
Join the dinosaurs as they rev, roar and race cross country to a secret meeting place in the woods! As they start setting up tables and hanging up balloons it becomes clear that there is a surprise party in the offing – but who is it for?

Dinosaur Rescue!
When a crew of builder dinosaurs break down on a level crossing, they know the only thing they can do to save themselves is to call Dinosaur Rescue! In no time at all, help is on its way, but will the Dinosaur Rescue team get there in time to stop the train?

Dinosaur Rocket!
No longer content with building, or zooming, or even rescuing, the dinosaurs now have their sights set on something much, much bigger… the MOON! Join our fearsome friends as they prepare for their cosmic journey: is the rocket all ready? Will the launch go smoothly? Can they make it to the moon?

Dinosaur Pirates!
Our intrepid team of dinosaurs are back but this time they are pirates in search of buried treasure! Having navigated their way to a desert island and dug up their booty, they are just sailing away when they are ambushed by a fearsome band of marauding baddy-pirates!

Dinosaur Farm!
They've built, they've zoomed, they've rescued, they've flown into space and they've even fought off baddy pirates, but now our dynamic team of dinosaurs have moved to pastures new - literally­ - working hard on the Dinosaur Farm!


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