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Read With Oxford: Winnie and Wilbur 12 Books Collection Set (Stage 5 & 6) By Laura Owen - Ages 5-6 - Paperback

Read With Oxford: Winnie and Wilbur 12 Books Collection Set (Stage 5 & 6) By Laura Owen - Ages 5-6 - Paperback

Oxford University Press
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Product Code: B2D2378

ISBN: 9780192786890

Titles In This Set:

Read with Oxford: Stage 5: Winnie and Wilbur:
1. Tidy Up, Winnie!
2. It's Teatime, Winnie!
3. Winnie Dresses Up
4. Tellytastic Winnie
5. Time Travel Winnie
6. Winnie's Awful Auntie

Read with Oxford: Stage 6: Winnie and Wilbur:
1. Winnie's Problem Pets
2. Winnie's Animal Antics
3. Warbling Winnie
4. Party Time, Winnie
5. Go, Winnie, Go!
6. Winnie's Outdoor Fun


Read with Oxford: Stage 5: Winnie and Wilbur:
Tidy Up, Winnie!
In Winnie's Bubble Trouble, Winnie magics up a bubble so she can drift away from all the mess in her house. In Winnie Gets Bossy, she decides to reorganise all her furniture - but unfortunately the furniture has other ideas!

It's Teatime, Winnie!
In Winnie Goes Batty, Winnie gets some unexpected help from her bat friends when her bossy sister comes round for tea. In Winnie Grows Her Own, she finds out that growing all the food for a picnic isn't as easy as it sounds!

Winnie Dresses Up
In Big Top Winnie, Winnie sets up her own circus and wants to be a graceful tightrope walker! In Winnie's Fun Run, she dresses up for a fancy-dress race, but not everything goes to plan.

Tellytastic Winnie
In Winnie the Bold, Winnie is inspired by a TV show to have her own adventure - and ends up rescuing a dragon. In Wilbur's Got Talent, Wilbur wins a competition to star in a cat food advert and becomes a TV star!

Time Travel Winnie
In Winnie's Time Machine, Winnie and Jerry the giant go back in time and meet an angry cave woman! In Winnie Spells Trouble, the school children's Egyptian project is helped by some time-travel magic!

Winnie's Awful Auntie
In Winnie the Naughty Niece, Winnie uses her magic to hide when Auntie Aggie pays a surprise visit! In Winnie's Awful Auntie, Auntie Aggie tries to turn Wilbur into a sweet little rabbit and Winnie gets cross!

Read with Oxford: Stage 6: Winnie and Wilbur:
Winnie's Problem Pets
Find out what happens when Winnie takes Wilbur - and a lot of fleas - to a pet show in Itchy Witchy, and laugh as Wilbur and Scruff the dog try to show Winnie who's best in Winnie's Perfect Pet.

Winnie's Animal Antics
In Winnie's New Kitten, Winnie gets a new 'kitten' delivered, but has Winnie got more than she bargained for? In Winnie's Lost Teddy, Wilbur sends Winnie's favourite teddy to a jumble sale. But then he feels sorry. Is it too late to get Beddy-Teddy back?

Warbling Winnie
In Winnie's One-Witch Band, Winnie is banned from the village choir because her voice is just a bit too strong! In Winnie's Mouse Organ, Winnie tries to get rid of the mice in her house - but she soon changes her tune.!

Party Time, Winnie
Find out what happens when Winnie has a treasure-hunt party with a real pirate in Winnie's Treasure Hunt, and join Winnie and Jerry the giant in a truly huge street party in Winnie's Giant Party.

Go, Winnie, Go!
Cheer on Winnie and Wilbur as they join a motor race on their broomstick in Wizz-Bang Winnie, and find out what happens when Winnie brings her magic to a horse race in Giddy-Up, Winnie.

Winnie's Outdoor Fun
In Blooming Winnie, Winnie tries to tidy up her garden with some magic, but her wand just won't work! In Winnie the Twit, Winnie thinks she's found a very rare kind of owl living in her garden. But who's the twit - Winnie or the owl?


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