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Shakespeare's Tales Retold for Children Collection 16 Books Box Set - Ages 7 years and up - Paperback
Shakespeare's Tales Retold for Children Collection 16 Books Box Set - Ages 7 years and up - Paperback

Shakespeare's Tales Retold for Children Collection 16 Books Box Set - Ages 7 years and up - Paperback

Arcturus Publishing Ltd
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Product Code: B2D4361

ISBN: 9781398813700

Titles In This Set:
  1. Antony and Cleopatra
  2. Twelfth Night
  3. Love's Labour's Lost
  4. The Comedy of Errors
  5. King Lear
  6. The Merchant of Venice
  7. A Midsummer Night's Dream
  8. The Tempest
  9. Othello
  10. As You Like It
  11. Hamlet
  12. Romeo and Juliet
  13. All's Well that Ends Well
  14. Macbeth
  15. Much Ado About Nothing
  16. The Winter's Tale

Samantha Newman's cleverly reworked prose retellings retain many of Shakespeare's own inimitable turns of phrase, while simplifying and clarifying the language and plots to make stories accessible to children. Young readers can follow Puck on his mischievous midsummer adventures, hear the prophecy of the witches in Macbeth and be swept away by the romance of Romeo and Juliet. Lively artwork accompanies each spread, bringing these best-loved tales to life.

Antony and Cleopatra
A romance between a Roman general and the Queen of Egypt was never going to be easy. Marc Antony has abandoned his duties since he has fallen in love with Cleopatra. But as war looms, their union shifts from difficult to doomed...

Twelfth Night
In this riotous comedy, set in a faraway land, a shipwreck separates twins Viola and Sebastian, They each make the best of their situations, but create a whirlwind of mistaken identity and unrequited love. will they find their way back to each other?

Love's Labour's Lost
King Ferdinand's plan to ban ladies from his court to focus on his studies seems like a great one - until the Princess of France and her friends arrive and he falls in love! Can Ferdinand and his friends break their own law?

The Comedy of Errors
When two sets of long-lost twins turn up in the same town on the same day, confusion and hilarity ensue. Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse are looking for their brothers - but they accidentally end up living their lives instead!

King Lear
King Lear demands that his three daughters tell him how much they love him. When his youngest, Cordelia, refuses, he casts her out and divides his kingdom between the other two. But when those two reject him, he descends into despair and madness...

The Merchant of Venice
A young man named Antonio borrows money from a merchant of Venice named Shylock, so that he can court a fine lady he wishes to marry. When Antonio is late to repay his debt, Shylock has him arrested and demands that a terrible price must be paid...

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Four young lovers escape into the woods outside Athens, each hoping to find true love and happiness. Instead, they find fairy mischief and love potions! Everyone is confused about who likes who - and has the Queen of the Fairies fallen in love with a donkey?

The Tempest
The King of Naples and the Duke of Milan are shipwrecked on a strange, enchanted island. Little do they know that the lord of the island is Prospero, the old duke of Milan who they betrayed many years ago - and this is his chance for revenge.

General Othello is the best soldier in Venice. But when he marries the beautiful Desdemona, he finds himself drawn into a web of jealousy and lies. Can he keep his wits about him, or will his pride and anger be his undoing?

As You Like It
Some people can't see the wood for the trees! When young Orlando searches the forest for his banished lady love, Rosalind, he doesn't realise that he's met her in disguise. Dressed up as a boy, Rosalind sees a chance to train Orlando to be the sort of partner she'd like - and she has some laughs along the way!

Prince Hamlet's father is dead. Hamlet believes he was murdered - and he's sure that the culprit is his uncle, the new king. But Hamlet has no proof. Will be set out on a path of vengeance?

Romeo and Juliet
The greatest love story ever told. When Romeo and Juliet meet, they fall in love - but how can they ever be together when all their families know is hate for one another?

All's Well that Ends Well
Helen may have a talent for healing, but she's unlucky in love. When her patient, the King of France, allows her to marry anyone in the kingdom, things are looking up! But her choice- the nobleman Bertram-swears that he will never be her husband. will love cure all?

Macbeth is riding home from war when he is met by three witches. They tell him a prophecy, in which he will be king of Scotland. Macbeth decides to make it come true by killing the current king - but he soon comes to be haunted by his bloody choice.

Much Ado About Nothing
Their battles of wits are legendary, but Benedick has sworn off women and Beatrice has vowed that she will never marry a man. It's a good job that they don't like each other then... or might they be persuaded with a little help from their friends?

The Winter's Tale
King Leonte's jealousy causes his sweet wife, Hermione to die and their baby daughter, Perdita to be exiled. Can the king learn the error of his ways? Will he ever get to meet Perdita again?


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