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Tail Of Emily Windsnap Series 9 Books Children Box Set Paperback Collection By Liz Kessler

Tail Of Emily Windsnap Series 9 Books Children Box Set Paperback Collection By Liz Kessler

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Product Code: B2D2578

ISBN: 9781510109384

Reading Age : 9+
Author : Liz Kessler


Titles in this Set:

Tides of Time
Pirate Price
Falls of Forgotten island
Ship of the Midnight Sun
Ship of Lost Souls
Falls of Forgotten Island
Pirate Prince
Tides of Time


The Tail of Emily Windsnap:
Emily Windsnap lives on a boat, but her mother has always been oddly anxious to keep her out of the water.

Monster from the Deep:
Emily Windsnap is thrilled to arrive at her new home - a secret island near the Bermuda Triangle where humans and merfolk live together, and where being a girl who grows a tail as soon as she enters the water isn't a problem.


Castle in the Mist:

The magic ring that Emily Windsnap - half mermaid, half ordinary girl - finds buried in the sand belongs to Neptune, and he wants it back.


Siren's Secret:

Emily is delighted when her family returns to Brightport, but their attempts to follow Neptune's orders to bring humans and merfolk together seem doomed.


Land of the Midnight Sun:

Emily and Aaron are sent on a top secret mission by King Neptune. The king has been having nightmares he doesn't understand and he knows only that Emily and Aaron.


Ship of Lost Souls:

A school trip to a beautiful island plunges Emily and her friends into a new adventure.


Falls of Forgotten Island:

Emily Windsnap, an ordinary girl on land and a magical mermaid in water, is overdue a break from excitement.


Pirate Prince:

When Emily Windsnap's boyfriend Aaron is captured by pirates there's only one option - join a rival pirate crew and persuade them to help rescue him.


Tides of Time:

Emily Windsnap has returned home to Brightport, but she can't help but miss the fantastical adventures she's been having on pirates ships and tropical islands.



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