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The Adventures of Super Dweeb Series By Jess Bradley 6 Books Collection Box Set - Ages 7-9 - Paperback
The Adventures of Super Dweeb Series By Jess Bradley 6 Books Collection Box Set - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

The Adventures of Super Dweeb Series By Jess Bradley 6 Books Collection Box Set - Ages 7-9 - Paperback

Arcturus Publishing Ltd
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Product Code: B2D6017

ISBN: 9781398838536

Featuring comic-strip-style storytelling in full-color, this unpredictable, anarchic adventure story is perfect for readers aged 7-9.

Titles in this set:

  1. Super Dweeb and the Pencil of Destiny
  2. Super Dweeb vs Doctor Eraser-Butt
  3. Super Dweeb vs the Evil Doodler
  4. Super Dweeb and the Time Trumpet
  5. Super Dweeb vs Count Dorkula
  6. Super Dweeb and the Snack Attack


Super Dweeb and the Pencil of Destiny
Andy wishes that he had *awesome powers*, like the heroes of his home-made comic stories. But instead, he's stuck in the real world, where he has an annoying little brother, a super-weird teacher ... and everyone says he's a total dweeb.

Then one day, he discovers an oversized, glowing pencil on a school trip to the local toxic waste dump. He starts sketching and finds that he can redraw reality.

Now, thanks to the power of doodling, Andy can bring to life anything that he can imagine, erase his problems, and doodle his way of sticky situations. He's not just a dweeb ... he's a SUPER DWEEB! Even Mona, the ice-cool new girl at school, seems impressed.

But there's a twist in the tale.. because everything goes very wrong when little brother Oscar does some doodling of his own. Now there's a scribble monster on the loose! Run for it, Andy!

Super Dweeb vs Doctor Eraser-Butt
Andy may be a little socially awkward, but thanks to his awesome atomic pencil-which can bring doodles to life-he's far from an ordinary dweeb. Look out, evil-doers ... here comes SUPER DWEEB!

Mona, the cool new girl at school, has somehow talked Andy into becoming a costumed crimefighter. Now, thanks to his snazzy superheroic stylings, he's gained both an army of fans, and an arch-enemy ... and he can't decide which is worse!

The president-for-life of Andy's fan club is his little brother, Oscar, and while he may not have a superpower, Oscar's still super-determined to become Andy's sidekick. Andy is definitely not up for having a little kid following him around!

Meanwhile, witness the diabolical origin story of Doctor Eraser-Butt - the sinister super-scientist, whose bulbous behind can obliterate objects from existence.

Super Dweeb vs the Evil Doodler
Andy may seem like an ordinary dweeb, but he has an incredible secret. When he draws a picture with his ATOMIC PENCIL, it comes to life! And with awesome power comes awesome ... sneakiness!

Andy wants to take the day off school to see the new Gamma Guys movie. His ingenious plan is to draw a clone of himself. There's only one problem: His carbon copy doesn't much like taking orders!

In fact, Andy quickly starts to think that he's created his own EVIL TWIN. Uh-oh! Things quickly escalate into a crazy battle of doodlers.

Look out ... it seems like Andy's really met his match!

Super Dweeb and the Time Trumpet
Super-doodler Andy may have an awesome atomic pencil that brings his drawings to life, but he's still pretty new to the whole hero thing. Sure, he can handle small-time crooks ... but he's definitely not ready for jailbreaks, supervillain team-ups, and time travel!

Unfortunately for Andy, a terrible trio of criminals have leapt back in time from his future to stop him before he's ready. They're going to keep him from becoming the awesome future crimefighter he's destined to be!

So Andy's going to have to step up! With the help of his best friend Mona, he's going to have to pull off an AWESOME HEIST and set off on an incredible cross-time odyssey that will take him to the time of the dinosaurs and back.

Don't be late for this HILARIOUS time travel adventure!

Super Dweeb vs Count Dorkula
When super-schoolkid Andy draws a mysterious map with his atomic pencil, he accidentally unleashes a powerful enemy. It's DWEEB versus DORK in his most epic adventure yet!

Super Dweeb and the Snack Attack
As the world's greatest school-aged superhero, Super Dweeb has a lot going for him. He has an awesome imagination, an atomic pencil that brings drawings to life, and a genius best friend, Mona! But will that be enough to save him in his ultimate adventure? Andy's hero skills are put to their greatest ever test as he faces a school full of SPIES, an invasion of zombie VEGETABLES from another dimension, a monster made of guacamole... and the literal APOCALYPSE!



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