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The Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin by Maurice LeBlanc 10 Books Box Set - Fiction - Paperback
The Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin by Maurice LeBlanc 10 Books Box Set - Fiction - Paperback
The Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin by Maurice LeBlanc 10 Books Box Set - Fiction - Paperback
The Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin by Maurice LeBlanc 10 Books Box Set - Fiction - Paperback

The Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin by Maurice LeBlanc 10 Books Box Set - Fiction - Paperback

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Product Code: B2D3619

ISBN: 9788195094806

Titles In This Set:

1) Gentleman Burglar
2) The Confessions of Arsène Lupin
3) The Crystal Stopper
4) The Eight Strokes Of The Clock
5) The Golden Triangle The Return of Arsène Lupin
6) The Secret of Sarek
7) The Hollow Needle
8) Arsène Lupin VS Herlock Sholmes
9) Arsène Lupin 813
10) The Teeth Of The Tiger

Description :

Gentleman Burglar

Pitted as the Sherlock Holmes of crime, Arsène Lupin is a suave gentleman rogue who is able to change his disguise so artfully that he can fool people almost effortlessly. His elaborate plans and attention to detail add glamour to the masterful thief. This series of short stories, written by Maurice Leblanc in 1907, is a superb introduction to the capers of the fictional Lupin, paving the way for the popular books that bear his name.

The Confessions of Arsène Lupin
Arsène Lupin, the enigmatic gentleman thief, is in the mood to confess! Fathom the mind of this wily figure who hatches the most devious and triumphant schemes, through ten thrilling short stories. Lupin conjures the most artful plots to baffle both the police as well as the rogues, running them in pretty circles. His quick and agile mind often leads him to unravelling situations that confound those in law enforcement. A scoundrel he may be, but Lupin's chivalry and honour have led him to many an adventure in the deliverance of the fairer sex, and in acts of charity and compassion. Arsene Lupin's exploits seem to wear an almost supernatural garb. How does he accomplish them? Is it truly something magical? Or is it merely luck? Or is it the brilliance of an incisive mind with the glitter of steel shavings?

The Crystal Stopper
It all begins with a botched robbery... And Arsene Lupin, the charismatic gentleman burglar, is propelled down the rabbit hole in search of a crystal stopper. Inspired by the Panama Canal Scandal, the gigantic monetary corruption scandal of the 19th century, this absorbing tale is a warren of emotion, exasperation, failure, rage and frustration. Lupin finds himself in the vise-like grip of a mindboggling plot, running against time and luck to save those who are at stake. Pitted against a diabolical villain, Lupin seems precariously perched on a slippery slope towards doom. Will Lupin find a way out of this dangerous maze? Or will this exploit spell the end of this nimble thief and adventurer?

The Eight Strokes Of The Clock
Lurking in the shadows, within reach of every whisper and every riddle, is a mysterious and inscrutable presence! The bold adventurer is on the road once again, seeking to resolve the bewildering machinations of man. On this journey he is not alone, but accompanied by a comely comrade who shares in the excitement, ecstasy and periis
of this hazardous road. It all begins with the eight strokes of a clock, and a  roposition! The eight stories that unfold from this moment will keep the reader on edge with their energy, mounting thrills and the many twists and turns. They will also offer the reader
a glimpse into the heart of our perplexing hero. But who is he? Is it Prince Renine? Or is it Arsene Lupin himself, incognito?

The Golden Triangle The Return of Arsène Lupin
Amidst a country preparing for war, a story of bewildering proportions is set to play out. It was around half-past six in the evening, and in the deepening gloom a young lady is discreetly shadowed by a group of crippled soldiers. An act, a moment, that was the beginning of an adventure utterly unsympathetic and lethal. The story develops into a twisted, nail-biting saga of love, hate, revenge, espionage, treason and gold. As the body count rises and the plot thickens, a message is sent out to the ingenious gentleman burglar and the riddle master, Arsène Lupin! Will he come? Will he be in time?

The Secret of Sarek
A blood-curdling tale spun from a medieval prophecy! First published in the year 1919, the book seems to hold within its pages all the dread and horror of the war gone by. The long-buried secret of Sarek, recalled in terrified whispers and hair-raising visions by its inhabitants, comes to life with chilling consequences. It enshrouds the region in pain and fear. Travel a path littered with coffins, splattered with the blood of the victims, rent with the shrieks of the tortured, and wet with the tears of the  urvivors. This dark and melancholic narrative cries out for a saviour, a hero... for hope.
Where is Arsène Lupin? Can he not hear the screams?

The Hollow Needle
A secret of Marie Antoinette that lay hidden in the folds of a book for years. A series of craftily planned and executed thefts at a castle. The abduction of Raymonde, a young aristocratic woman. The hidden and fiercely guarded secrets of the treasures
of the kings of France. What ties all these threads together? The gentleman burglar, Arsène Lupin has to deal with not one but two formidable adversaries -- the celebrated detective Holmlock Shears and an incredibly clever schoolboy Isidore
Beautrelet. With double trouble at every turn, will Lupin be able to outwit them? Who among them will discover the secret of the Hollow Needle first? Does Ganimard manage to foil Lupin's plans when he joins hands with the talented schoolboy? Has Isidore taken on more than he should have in his young life? With the action-packed story that has a deep historical anchor, the climax brings a tragedy as gunshots are fired and one bullet finds a victim.

Arsène Lupin VS Herlock Sholmes
Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes is the second book in the Arsène Lupin stories written by Maurice Leblanc. The battle of wits between Lupin and the celebrated English detective Herlock Sholmes is closely, followed by all of France. In a game of one-upmanship that keeps the readers engaged in two adventures, until the last minute it is a game that either adversary could win. Is the Lady with distinctive blonde hair a killer? Who does she work for? Has Lupin finally met his match in Herlock?

Arsène Lupin 813
The intriguing title —813-is a cryptic clue in a clock that lies at the heart of a political mystery. Arsene Lupin finds himself tangled-up in this web during a routine theft. The death of his victim, a South African billionaire — Rudolf Kesselbach — makes him the number one suspect for the murder. Will Lupin be able to prove his innocence to M. Lenormand? Is L.M. the real murderer? Were diamonds the real reason for Kesselbach's murder? Public outrage and a cat and mouse game between the police
and the villains keeps the general populace entertained. A series of murders, suicides and intrigues, where L.M. seems to always be a few steps ahead of Lupin makes the gentleman burglar doubt his own abilities. Has he finally met his match?

The Teeth Of The Tiger
"Tonight!" he moaned, believing that he was making himself heard and that he was in the secretary's room. "Tonight! The job is fixed for tonight! You'll see ... The mark of the teeth! ... It's awful! ... Oh, the pain I'm in! ... It's the poison! Save me! Help!" The voice died away. He repeated several times, as though in a nightmare: “The teeth! The teeth! They're closing!" An astonishing inheritance and a series of uncanny murders... Like puppets on a string, the oblivious victims are drawn into a whirlwind of treacherous plots and shadowy players. The conspiracy has the police by the throat, as suspects fall with unnatural accuracy. Will the murk be lifted before the teeth close in with mechanical precision, yet again?


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