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The House at the Edge of Magic Series by Amy Sparkes 3 Books Collection Set - Ages 8-11 - Paperback

The House at the Edge of Magic Series by Amy Sparkes 3 Books Collection Set - Ages 8-11 - Paperback

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ISBN: 9788317415960

Welcome to the enchanting world of The House at the Edge of Magic series by Amy Sparkes, where imagination, wonder, and mystery collide. With her captivating storytelling and whimsical characters, Sparkes has crafted a spellbinding series that will transport readers to a world brimming with magic and adventure. 

The series revolves around the extraordinary adventures of Ninepin, a spirited and determined girl who discovers a mysterious house at the edge of a forgotten forest. As she steps through its doors, she embarks on a thrilling journey that will test her courage, uncover ancient secrets, and challenge her perception of what is possible.

Title in This Set:

  1. The House at the Edge of Magic
  2. The Tower at the End of Time
  3. The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond

In the first instalment, The House at the Edge of Magic, readers are introduced to Ninepin and her chance encounter with a magical house that is home to an eccentric mix of creatures, including a troll cook, a talking carpet, and a mysterious enchantress. With the house's very existence in jeopardy, Ninepin must embrace her own unique powers and rally her newfound friends to save the day. Sparkes weaves a tale of bravery, friendship, and the transformative power of belief, captivating readers with her vivid descriptions and masterful storytelling.

As the series progresses with titles like The Tower at the End of Time and The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond, readers continue to journey alongside Ninepin on her quests, encountering mythical creatures, unravelling ancient mysteries, and confronting their own fears and limitations. Sparkes expertly balances moments of humour and heart, crafting a narrative that resonates with readers of all ages.

One of the standout aspects of The House at the Edge of Magic series is Sparkes' ability to create a fully realised and immersive world. From the whimsical house itself, with its creaky floorboards and hidden chambers, to the fantastical creatures that inhabit it, each detail is meticulously crafted, painting a vivid picture in the reader's mind. Sparkes' writing is infused with a sense of wonder and magic that will leave readers spellbound, eager to turn the page and uncover the next secret of the house.

Additionally, the series celebrates the power of imagination and the importance of embracing one's uniqueness. Ninepin's journey is a testament to the strength found within oneself and the ability to overcome challenges by believing in the extraordinary. Sparkes' narrative encourages readers to tap into their own creativity, inspiring them to explore their imagination and view the world through a lens of possibility and wonder.

The House at the Edge of Magic series is a testament to Amy Sparkes' skill as a storyteller. With her imaginative world-building, memorable characters, and engaging plotlines, she creates a magical reading experience that will captivate readers young and old. Sparkes' books offer an escape from reality, inviting readers into a world where anything is possible and where the power of friendship and self-belief can overcome even the greatest of challenges.

So, venture into The House at the Edge of Magic series and allow Amy Sparkes to whisk you away on a breathtaking adventure filled with wonder, discovery, and the timeless magic of storytelling. Prepare to be enchanted as you step through the doors of the house and embark on a journey that will stay with you long after you've turned the final page.

Description from the publisher:

The House at the Edge of Magic

Nine is an orphan pickpocket determined to escape her life in the Nest of a Thousand Treasures. When she steals a house-shaped ornament from a mysterious woman’s purse, she knocks on its tiny door and watches it grow into a huge, higgledy-piggeldy house. Inside she finds a host of magical and brilliantly funny characters, including Flabberghast – a young wizard who’s particularly competitive at hopscotch – and a hideous troll housekeeper who’s emotionally attached to his feather duster. They have been placed under an extraordinary spell, which they are desperate for Nine to break – and if she can, maybe they can offer her a new life in return.

The Tower at the End of Time

Nine and her friends have broken the curse on their marvellous, magical House, and are free to travel the worlds once more! Their first stop: The Wizarding Hopscotch Championships.

There's only one problem: the House is nervous about travelling – and gets the hiccups! Bouncing from world to world with every "HIC!", they finally land at the championships, only for Flabberghast to have an unfortunate run-in with square number seven, and find himself faced with the terrible Tower at the End of Time.

But maybe here they can find out how to cure the House's hiccups, and Nine might finally discover who left her the beloved music box, and who she really is...

The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond

Nine and her friends have cured the house's hiccups and are off to the strange and utterly unpredictable Back of Beyond in search of Professor Dish – Spoon's best friend and partner in all things alchemy.

When they find Dish trapped by the greedy witch Ophidia in the basement of a particularly marvellous shop, it soon becomes clear they're going to need something more than Flabberghast's dicey magic and Nine's quick thinking to triumph this time. What they really need is a rather clever witch – one particularly good at curses. 



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