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Unicorn Academy Where Magic Happens 12 Books Children - Ages -7-9 - Paperback Set By Julie Sykes
Unicorn Academy Where Magic Happens 12 Books Children - Ages -7-9 - Paperback Set By Julie Sykes
Unicorn Academy Where Magic Happens 12 Books Children - Ages -7-9 - Paperback Set By Julie Sykes

Unicorn Academy Where Magic Happens 12 Books Children - Ages -7-9 - Paperback Set By Julie Sykes

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ISBN: 9781839942556

Unicorn Academy is a popular series of children's books written by Julie Sykes. The series follows the adventures of a young girl named Scarlett and her friends as they attend the magical Unicorn Academy, where they learn to train and care for unicorns. The books are full of magic, adventure, and friendship, making them an excellent choice for young readers aged between 7-9, who love unicorn stories.

The series begins with Scarlett receiving a letter inviting her to attend Unicorn Academy. She is thrilled at the opportunity and excited to learn all about unicorns. Upon arriving, she meets several other students, including Violet, Ava, Isla, and many others, all of whom share a love for unicorns.

Titles in This Set: 

  • Ariana And Whisper
  • Ava And Star 
  • Layla And Dancer
  • Olivia And Snowflake 
  • Rosa And Crystal 
  • Isla And Buttercup
  • Violet And Twinkle 
  • Matilda And Pearl
  • Isabel And Cloud
  • Sophia And Rainbow
  • Scarlett And Blaze
  • Freya And Honey

Throughout the series, the students learn about different aspects of unicorn care and training, from grooming and feeding to riding and competing in races. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and obstacles, from dealing with mischievous unicorns to uncovering mysteries and secrets at the academy.

One of the strengths of The Unicorn Academy series is its focus on friendship and teamwork. Scarlet and her friends must work together to solve problems and overcome challenges, showing readers the importance of supporting and relying on one another. Additionally, the books emphasise the importance of empathy and compassion, as the students learn to understand and communicate with their unicorn companions.

The Unicorn Academy series is a delightful and engaging read for young children. Julie Sykes' storytelling and imaginative world-building create a magical and unforgettable experience for readers, while the focus on friendship, teamwork, and inclusivity makes the books not only entertaining but also valuable and educational.

About the titles: 

Sophia and Rainbow 
Sophia is thrilled to be at Unicorn Academy and can't wait to become best friends with Rainbow, her gorgeous unicorn. She just knows they'll get on brilliantly! And soon, after witnessing a sinister event at the magical lake, they're away on their first amazing adventure!

Scarlett and Blaze
Scarlett and Blaze love being at Unicorn Academy. It's the perfect place to have fun and be a bit naughty, too! But magical Sparkle Lake is starting to ice over and the school might have to close! Scarlett and Blaze can't bear to be parted, so they decide to find out who's behind the big freeze and put things right. 

Ava and Star 
Ava and Star love their beautiful garden at Unicorn Academy. It's where they grow their very own magical plants! When the sky berries that the unicorns need to survive disappear, Ava and Star will need all their skills and courage to help their friends. Can they find more of the special berries before every unicorn's magic starts to fade?!

Isabel and Cloud
Isabel loves racing around Unicorn Academy with her wonderful unicorn, Cloud. She can't wait for him to discover his magic power! Someone has cast a bad spell on Sparkle Lake. Isabel and Cloud will have to learn to trust each other as they go on a dangerous adventure to save the school. 

Layla and Dancer
Layla can't believe how lucky she is to be at Unicorn Academy! She adores her lively unicorn, Dancer, though she's too nervous to go jumping and riding fast like their friends. When the trees around Sparkle Lake start dying, Layla must find her courage and take Dancer on a thrilling adventure to find the cure!

Olivia and Snowflake
Olivia is so happy to be at Unicorn Academy. She hopes her sweet unicorn, Snowflake, will discover her magic before graduation day! Everyone is busy decorating Unicorn Academy for the graduation ball, but it looks like someone is trying to ruin the party. It's up to Olivia and Snowflake to save the day and the school!

Rosa and Crystal
Rosa is over the moon to be starting school at Unicorn Academy. She can't wait to go on a big adventure with her amazing unicorn, Crystal. When the magical map stops working, Rosa is sure a secret trip to the glittering cavern holds the answer. But to find out, she and Crystal must learn how to work as a team fast!

Ariana and Whisper
Ariana loves hanging out at the Unicorn Academy stables and looking after her beautiful unicorn, Whisper. She just hopes that their differences won't stop them from bonding! All the animals are leaving the Verdant Forest, and everyone is worried. Ariana and Whisper will need all their courage to protect their friends and bring the animals safely home. 

Matilda and Pearl
Matilda and Pearl are having a fantastic time at Unicorn Academy. They both have big imaginations and are great at telling stories. They're the perfect partners! While camping in the woods, Matilda, Pearl and their friends discover that magic is draining from the oldest tree on the island. They're sure someone is up to no good but they'll have to think fast to stop them!

Freya and Honey
Freya and Honey are having great adventures at Unicorn Academy. Freya is brilliant at inventing things, and Honey loves exploring. Strange things are happening at the school. When Freya and Honey stumble upon a hidden tunnel and decide to investigate, they will need all their skills to make it back safely. 

Violet and Twinkle 
Violet and Twinkle adore Unicorn Academy. They are determined to look after the school and beautiful Unicorn Island. if only Twinkle could discover her power! An adventure across a frozen lagoon leads Violet, Twinkle and their friends into terrible danger. As day turns to a frosty night, can Twinkle discover her magic in time to lead a daring rescue?

Isla and Buttercup 
Isla, her beautiful unicorn, Buttercup, and their friends are determined to find the person responsible for draining the islands magic and stop them. But Valentina is behaving very oddly, and it's not just because the head of the academy is her aunt. Does she know something about Ms Willow that the others don't?



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